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Dedicated Private Trigonometry Tutoring Online
Concorde Tutoring is dedicated to providing the best online tutoring on the market. We carefully vet potential tutors to make sure that they possess the characteristics that we prefer.
Some of the criteria we look for in a tutor include:

Looking for the perfect tutor on your own can be stressful. Why not let us do the hard work for you? With advanced tutor matching, we can find the trigonometry tutor who will work best for you.

Step 1

Consultation between tutor, student and/or student’s guardian

Step 2

Customized Individual Tutoring Plan is Created

Step 3

1-on-1 sessions are scheduled with Student

Step 4

1-Hour Long Sessions Begin

Step 5

Review of Individual Plan Progress

Proven Trigonometry Help For All Levels

It doesn’t matter if you are taking Introduction to Trigonometry, or you are enrolled in an advanced trigonometry course as part of a graduate school program; there are skilled professionals who can help. A trigonometry tutor can help beginners with concepts like sine, cosine, and tangent.

More advanced students can get help with the inverse sine function or trigonometric equations that require factoring. Whether you just need a little extra help preparing for finals or you need in-depth help throughout your entire semester, support is available.

Improve Grades and Test Scores In Trigonometry

Studies have shown that tutoring can lift average students to the top two percent of their class, so trigonometry tutoring is excellent for students who want to boost their grades and test scores. A tutor can spend one-on-one time getting to know you and creating customized lesson plans.

This one-on-one time can provide you with guidance that can ultimately lead to higher scores and better grades. Reach out today to begin working towards your trigonometry grade goals by clicking “Get Started” above or giving us a call.

How much does a trigonometry tutor cost?

The price of a trigonometry tutor depends on your unique circumstances and level of instruction needed.

Additionally, students who meet their instructor on a regular schedule may be charged differently than someone who wants sessions at the last minute.

How does online trigonometry tutoring work?

Online trigonometry tutoring is easy to navigate and convenient. With our exclusive customized online platform, you can log on and learn from any device with a secure internet connection, including tablets, smartphones, and desktop devices.

Are trigonometry tutors worth it?

Yes, working with a trigonometry tutor is worth it. Tutoring is an excellent investment in your future.
Working with a skilled tutor can lead not only to increased scores and grades now, but also skills in the future that can lead to a higher paying job. Your money not only gets you tutoring sessions and/or trigonometry classes, but it gets you access to all of the learning resources that are created by experts in trigonometry as well. You also get the added convenience of being able to take your learning on the go with Concorde Tutoring’s online learning platform. Contact a professional at Concorde Tutoring today to get started. We're excited to help you begin on the path toward trigonometry excellence.

You are in luck if you have reached this page after searching for "trigonometry tutoring near me," because when you contact Concorde Tutoring, we can connect you to a knowledgeable Trigonometry tutor today. When you sign up to use a Trigonometry tutor, you are equipping your child with a valuable tool in their academic journey. Concorde Tutoring can help connect you to the right Trigonometry tutor for your child, so stop searching for "trigonometry tutors near me" and let us do the hard work. Hiring a Concorde Tutoring trigonometry tutor today can help your child to work towards their academic goals.

Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that studies relationships between the sides and angles of triangles. Trigonometry is found all throughout geometry, as every straight-sided shape may be broken into a collection of triangles. Further still, trigonometry has astoundingly intricate relationships to other branches of mathematics, in particular, complex numbers, infinite series, logarithms, and calculus.

A Trigonometry tutor can assist you and your child by creating a personalized study plan. A Trigonometry tutor may begin by assessing your child’s personality, strengths, and weaknesses. With this information in mind, your child’s Trigonometry tutoring sessions can be structured efficiently, in a way best suited to their personal learning style. Auditory learners may benefit from a lecture format, where a tutor defines each aspect of a triangle and has the student recite these concepts back. Visual learners may learn best if his or her Trigonometry tutor consistently shows your child exactly how to work a problem before setting him or her up with practice problems. There is also the added benefit of immediate feedback if a mistake is made, which ensures that your child doesn’t learn poor habits while attempting to learn Trigonometry. While working with expert Trigonometry tutors, your child has the opportunity to move at their own pace and focus on the areas they need the most help in while also reinforcing strengths. Tutors can give pop quizzes and practice tests as a means to assess whether your child has mastered a topic or needs more work before moving on. This creates more efficient study sessions since your child is not going over topics that are already mastered and are instead using their Trigonometry tutoring sessions as a way to build the necessary skills to move on to harder topics

Trigonometry tutoring often covers a variety of skills. The following list has examples of topics that your student may learn during Trigonometry tutoring sessions:

Trigonometry Topics (non-comprehensive)

    • Pythagorean identities
    • Cofunction identities
    • Values of special angles
    • Reference angles
    • Significant digits
    • Degrees to radians and radians to degrees
    • Find arc lengths of circles
    • Apply circular functions
    • Periodic functions
    • Cosecant and secant functions
    • Tangent and cotangent functions
    • Curve fitting
    • Cosine sum and difference identities
    • Double-angle identities
    • Inverse Trigonometric Functions
    • Congruence axioms
    • Vector operations
    • Dot product

Trigonometry is typically taken in high school right before or after Algebra II and is a prerequisite for most higher math courses. A Trigonometry tutor can assist your child in making sure they have the mathematical foundations necessary to begin to understand the more complicated concepts found later in Trigonometry. As with all mathematical disciplines, Trigonometry builds on previous math concepts. If your child is struggling to understand the Pythagorean theorem or finds it impossible to calculate the degree of an angle, a Trigonometry tutor can break these concepts down in a way that makes them easier to understand. The trigonometric functions (sine, cosine, and tangent) are among the useful methods and tools for dealing with triangles. Your student can receive one-on-one assistance mastering these skills during his or her Trigonometry tutoring sessions. Once a tutor has identified your child’s strengths and weaknesses, lessons can be tailored to meet those specific needs. The flexibility to focus on the exact topic your child is struggling with is what makes “trigonometry tutoring near me” such a valuable tool. Trigonometry, as a more specialized branch of geometry, is a foundation for future math disciplines such as calculus or linear algebra. As such, many students take Trigonometry in earlier years of high school.

Here are the Common Core Standards for Trigonometric Functions that Trigonometry tutors can assist your child in studying:

Common Core Standards for Trigonometric Functions – High School Level

  • Extend the domain of trigonometric functions using the unit circle
  • Model periodic phenomena with trigonometric functions.
  • Prove and apply trigonometric identities.


Working with a Trigonometry tutor is an effective way to get help with whatever topic your child is having the hardest time with. There is no need for your student to struggle through understanding how to use trigonometric functions alone. With repeated exposure to the topics they need help with, your child can approach coursework with confidence. Additionally, working with a tutor who is experienced with Trigonometry can take study sessions from boring to interesting. This can help your child foster a lifetime love of mathematical concepts and guide your child in choosing a career that uses Trigonometry and other advanced mathematics. When learning becomes fun, it also becomes easier.

If you’ve been searching for “trigonometry tutor near me,” you likely already understand the immense value a tutor can provide when it comes to working towards academic goals and finishing coursework. You may not realize that a Trigonometry tutor can also assist with test preparation. In addition to taking tests during a Trigonometry course to assess mastery of the subject, students also find Trigonometry on other important tests, such as the ACT and SAT tests. Both of these standardized tests are used to determine college admissions, which greatly affects your child’s ability to pursue their professional dreams. Your child’s tutor can help cover the material, format, and specific test-taking tips to help foster confidence when taking the SAT or ACT.

The list below has some information on how Trigonometry is part of various college admissions tests:

Your trigonometry tutor can help you prepare for the kinds of standardized exams that contain questions on trigonometry. Standardized exams require certain test-taking skills, so your private mentor can go over these with you in addition to comprehensive content review. Knowing how to answer questions when you’re not sure which answer is right, managing your time so you can answer all the questions within the time limits, and alleviating test anxiety are all skills you can learn from your trigonometry tutor. For example, they may provide you with timed practice sections to make sure you can answer all the questions within time limits, and offer suggestions on how to increase your pace if time management is challenging for you.

Some standardized exams that contain trigonometry questions include:

  • ACT – The ACT is a college admissions and placement exam used by institutes of higher learning to determine which applicants to accept and which introductory courses they should take. The Math section may include trigonometry questions on the six trigonometric functions: sine, cosine, tangent, cosecant, secant, and cotangent.
  • SAT – The SAT is also a college admissions exam. Ten percent of the Math section is made up of questions covering “other topics,” in which trigonometry is included. The same six subjects are assessed here, as they are the core functions used to find the ratio of side lengths of triangles.
  • EOC (End-of-Course) – Many high schools around the country administer these final exams to students to gauge what they’ve learned throughout the year. Trigonometry is included with geometry at some schools, and at others, it is a class in its own right.

As it is one of the foundational fields of advanced mathematics, a mastery of trigonometry and its uses is imperative for students of all ages. Calculating various values of triangles may seem simple, but trigonometry is a critical component of design, engineering, architecture, and a number of other career paths. Students interested in those fields, or any of the ones listed below, must understand trigonometry.

  • Architect
  • Video game designer
  • Construction engineer
  • Flight engineer
  • Physicist
  • Archaeologist
  • Criminologist
  • Marine biologist
  • Marine engineering
  • Satellite engineer
  • Cartographer
  • Naval engineer


The list above is by no means an exhaustive list of careers that make use of Trigonometry. Many sciences, such as chemistry or physics, are also built on and around mathematical concepts. All of this proves that Trigonometry is an important subject for nearly all high school students to master, as it is important for future academic and professional success. This is why so many people are looking for a “trigonometry tutor near me.” Students (and their parents) who are looking for “Trigonometry tutors near me” are taking the first step to ensure they are using the proper tools to work towards their personal and professional goals.

Another huge benefit of working with a tutor is the flexibility of a one-on-one schedule. Concorde Tutoring uses a unique online learning system that allows you to meet face-to-face with your tutor anywhere and anyplace. Using this online platform, you (or your child) can choose to meet your tutor during the week or schedule sessions for the weekend. Tutoring sessions can take place in the comfort of your home in your pajamas, in the local library, or while you sip on a coffee at the local coffee shop. Your child and the tutor can meet once to master a single topic or set up weekly meetings for an entire school year if desired. Your tutor will make every effort to work with you to meet your scheduling needs. This kind of one-on-one special attention and instruction is difficult to receive even in the best school environments. The personal environment this provides make tutoring a valid option for anybody who needs help mastering Trigonometry and the relationships of the various parts of a triangle.

If you and your child are ready to take the next step, get in touch with an Education Consultant at Concorde Tutoring today! We’ll take the time to connect you to the best tutor to meet the needs of your student!

Concorde Tutoring can help you get more out of your trigonometry education by connecting you with experienced trigonometry tutors. Working with a private trigonometry tutor can supplement the instruction that you’re getting in the classroom in unique ways. You’ll be able to focus on the specific trigonometry topics that you need the most help with thanks to the one-on-one setting that trigonometry tutoring takes place in. You can even work with a private instructor to prepare for a challenging upcoming trigonometry test. Wherever your academic interests lie, consider reaching out to us today if you’re ready to get help with this challenging topic. You can also continue reading below to get more information on the subject and specific examples of how we can help you pursue your goals in it.

Trigonometry is a challenging branch of mathematics. It is distinguishable by its focus on the relationships between the angles and the sides of triangles. The skills that you’ll learn by studying trigonometry can be used in a variety of different math subjects. For example, advanced algebra and calculus draw heavily from the influence of trigonometry. In that sense, learning this subject at a high level can help you prepare for your future math coursework.

Trigonometry is a widely applicable topic to learn because every straight-sided shape can be broken down into a collection of triangles. For example, you may use the information that you learn about while studying trigonometry to deal with things like logarithms, infinity series, complex numbers, and much more.

Trigonometry is a relatively advanced topic in the field of math. Because of that, students won’t typically start learning it until high school at the earliest. Students are usually tasked with completing trigonometry either before or after they take their algebra class. Working with a private trigonometry instructor is a great way to get help with all of the most challenging topics in this field of study.

High school trigonometry classes generally follow the same guidelines for what they teach the students who take them. For example, you can get a sense of what you should know while taking a high school trigonometry class by taking a look at the Common Core Standards for Trigonometric Functions. These guidelines help students understand where they should be with their understanding of the subject by the time that they graduate from high school.

The Common Core Standards say that a student should be able to extend the domain of trigonometric functions using the unit circle. They also say that you should be able to model periodic phenomena with trigonometric functions and be able to prove and apply trigonometric identities. These are skills that you may not possess at this point in your academic career. If you think that you should have a better understanding of these core trigonometry topics, then consider signing up to work with trigonometry tutors. They’ll be able to help you identify your biggest problems areas. Then, they can take you on a step-by-step journey through the material that you’re having the hardest time with.

As you progress forward with your studies in this subject area, you may be tasked with learning a number of different trigonometric topics. For example, college students who take courses in trigonometry will be required to understand more challenging trigonometric subjects as compared to high school students. For example, these students may need to learn about topics like values of special angles, periodic functions, curve fitting, vector operations, congruence axioms, double-angle identities, and much more.

Whatever topics you’re currently learning about in your trigonometry class, you can get help with them by getting in touch with us today. We can connect you with experienced trigonometry tutors who know what it takes to help students learn about the most challenging topics within this subject area. They can assist you with your coursework or help you prepare for a challenging test that you have coming up. We’d love to help you pursue your goals in the field of trigonometry in a more effective way.

You may find that you are passionate about the subjects you’re learning about while taking a trigonometry class. If that’s the case, then you could be interested in pursuing a career that allows you to use trigonometric skills in your daily routine. There are a large number of career opportunities available for individuals who specialize in the study of trigonometry. For example, you could use your unique skill set to work as an architect, a video game designer an archaeologist, a physicist, and much more.

Many sciences are also built on or around trigonometric concepts that you’ll learn about while taking trigonometry courses in college. To really prepare yourself for one of these exciting careers, you could also decide to study trigonometry while in graduate school. Whatever level of study you find yourself at, there are trigonometry tutoring options out there that can supplement your education. In the next section, you’ll be able to get a closer look at the specific ways that a trigonometry tutor can help you pursue your goals in the subject area.

If you are having a tough time with the subject of trigonometry, or you just want to get even more out of your coursework, then you may be interested in signing up for private instruction in the subject area. If so, then you’re probably also curious about how the process of finding a private instructor to work with actually plays out. When you contact us to find your tutor, you’ll be able to find a great fit for your specific needs that you can start working with quickly.

When you reach out to us, we will begin the process by learning a little bit about you. We will identify your existing academic skill set, your trigonometric goals, and your scheduling availability. Then, we will make every effort to connect you with an educator who can meet all of your needs. This process makes it easy to start working with someone who can help you grow academically, even if you already have a busy schedule. The flexibility of working with a private instructor is key to what makes it such a rewarding academic opportunity.

Once you get connected with your educator, you will be able to start working with them quickly. You can meet with them for one-on-one learning sessions that always keep your needs as the top priority. Your instructor can create a customized lesson plan for you that is targeted with your growth in mind. This level of individualization in the learning process could be just what you need to unlock more of your potential in the field of trigonometry.

Trigonometry tutors are able to supplement your classroom learning experience in a number of ways. They are uniquely positioned to do so because of the intimate academic setting that tutoring sessions take place in. While your teacher is tasked with educating a group of trigonometry students all at the same time, your tutor is only tasked with helping you. This leads to important differences in the amount of personalized assistance that you get. In this way, your private instructor can fill in the gaps between the instruction that you’re currently getting in the classroom and the one that you wish you were getting.

If you are getting ready for an important test, then it is also a great idea to work with a private trigonometry instructor. Test preparation can be a challenging thing to do on your own without any guidance. However, when you sign up to work with a private trigonometry instructor, you’ll be able to get help with your study sessions. They can do things like help you create and review flashcards and set you up with sample problems and tests. Completing these sample questions will help you experience what the day of your exam will actually be like. This can help you to feel more confident when you sit down to take your upcoming test.

Your educator will even be able to help you with your general test-taking skills while they help you learn trigonometry. For instance, they will show you what an ideal test preparation plan looks like so you know what to replicate in the future. They can also teach you skills that can help you manage your time more effectively while taking exams and help you deal with test anxiety if that’s something that you’ve dealt with in the past. You will be able to utilize these skills on any future tests that you take as well as on your upcoming one.

Do you think that you could be getting more out of your trigonometry education? If so, then consider signing up to work with a trigonometry tutor. You can easily get started with the process of finding the right instructor for your specific needs by reaching out to Concorde Tutoring today. We can work with you to identify the right learning plan for your needs and can then get you started with it quickly. This could be just what you need to take your understanding of trigonometry to the next level. We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to working with you as you pursue your goals in this subject.

Comprehensive Trigonometry Tutoring at Concorde Education

Concorde Education is a leader in delivering exceptional trigonometry tutoring through programs designed by top educational experts. Our curriculum is built around STEAM-based learning principles, ensuring that students not only grasp mathematical concepts but also understand their application in real-world contexts. The courses are taught by master’s degree-holding tutors who provide personalized and adaptive tutoring tailored to each student’s learning needs. Beyond academic tutoring, our innovative Concorde Games initiative bridges classroom learning with real-world skills by linking students with top esports players and coaches, enhancing their problem-solving and strategic thinking skills.

Engage with Advanced Trigonometry Concepts

Our trigonometry tutoring program is specifically designed to cater to a diverse student body, ranging from those who are new to trigonometry to those who are preparing for advanced examinations or careers requiring extensive mathematical knowledge. The tutoring sessions start with foundational concepts such as the Pythagorean theorem, sine, cosine, and tangent ratios, and gradually advance to more complex topics like trigonometric identities, polar coordinates, and vector calculations. These foundational lessons ensure that students have a solid grasp of basic principles before moving on to tackle more challenging subjects.

For students just beginning their trigonometry journey, our tutors emphasize a clear understanding of how to learn trigonometry—breaking down each concept into understandable parts and using plenty of real-life examples to illustrate how trigonometry functions in everyday situations like architecture, engineering, and even video games. This approach not only makes learning more relatable and interesting but also cements students’ understanding, which is critical for mastering more advanced topics.

As students progress, our trigonometry lesson plans become more detailed and are customized to address the specific challenges and goals of each learner. Our tutors employ a variety of teaching methods, including interactive digital tools, quizzes, and problem-solving sessions, to ensure that students are not only listening and learning but also engaging with the content actively. This engagement is crucial for deep learning and long-term retention of complex trigonometric formulas and their applications.

Master Trigonometry Online with Expert Tutors

Concorde Education’s trigonometry tutoring services extend into the digital realm, offering comprehensive trigonometry online tutorials that allow students to learn from the comfort of their own homes. This online platform is equipped with advanced tools that enable live interaction between students and tutors, mirroring the dynamism of a physical classroom. The digital format is especially beneficial for students who require flexible scheduling or who thrive in a self-paced learning environment.

Our online trigonometry lesson incorporates various multimedia elements, including video lectures, animated demonstrations, and interactive simulations that make learning more dynamic and accessible. These resources are particularly effective for visual learners who benefit from seeing concepts in action. Additionally, our online platform provides forums and chat features where students can ask questions, participate in discussions, and exchange ideas, fostering a collaborative learning environment that extends beyond geographic boundaries.

Each trigonometry online tutorial is tailored to meet the individual needs of students, allowing them to revisit challenging topics and practice at their own pace. This personalized approach ensures that no student is left behind, regardless of their initial level of understanding or their specific learning challenges. Furthermore, the flexibility of online access means that students can integrate learning into their daily routine without disrupting other commitments, making it ideal for busy students or those balancing multiple responsibilities.

For students interested in expanding their mathematical education, Concorde offers a comprehensive math tutoring program that covers a wide array of topics. This program is designed to build upon the skills learned in trigonometry by introducing more complex mathematical theories and applications, ensuring students develop a well-rounded mathematical knowledge base.

Expand Your Mathematical Understanding

The goal of trigonometry tutoring at Concorde Education is to not only teach students about trigonometry but also to inspire a deeper appreciation for mathematics as a whole. Students who excel in trigonometry are well-equipped to explore further mathematical concepts, and our curriculum is designed to facilitate this progression. Our comprehensive math tutoring programs offer advanced study opportunities in areas such as calculus, statistics, and discrete mathematics, all of which build on the foundational knowledge acquired through trigonometry.

For those students who are particularly ambitious, our extended curriculum includes topics that intersect with physics, engineering, and technology, highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of modern STEM fields. These courses are structured to challenge students and prepare them for college-level studies and professional careers that require high-level mathematical competencies. By connecting trigonometry to its practical applications in various fields, we help students understand the relevance of what they are learning and how it applies to potential career paths.

Furthermore, the skills learned in trigonometry tutoring—such as problem-solving, logical reasoning, and analytical thinking—are universally beneficial and can enhance performance in all academic areas. This holistic approach to education not only prepares students for academic success but also equips them with the intellectual tools necessary to tackle complex problems and make informed decisions in their everyday lives and future careers.

By choosing trigonometry tutoring at Concorde Education, students engage in a rigorous, comprehensive educational experience that goes beyond traditional learning. Our programs are meticulously designed to ensure that each student achieves their fullest potential, supported by expert tutors and state-of-the-art learning technologies. Whether through in-person classes, online tutorials, or a combination of both, Concorde Education provides the resources and support necessary for students to excel in trigonometry and beyond, setting them on a path to success in academia and in their future careers.