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Concorde Game’s professional esport athletes coach players through drills and strategies in a fun and competitive environment.​

How To Play Rocket League: Our Guide

Do you want to learn how to play Rocket League? Then this guide is just for you.  Just continue reading and you will find everything out about how to play Rocket League.

Rocket League is a vehicular soccer game developed by Psyonix, which was later acquired by Epic Games. It combines two popular video game genres, sports, and driving. Players control vehicles that look like RC cars and try to shoot the ball into their opponent’s goals by running into it and jumping. Rocket League offers a very fun and casual experience for gamers looking for quick and fast-paced sessions. The vehicles you control in the game are fully customizable and Rocket League also features many collaboration items with other intellectual properties. These cosmetics are obtained by leveling up, opening crates, participating in events, and buying the Battle Pass for a season. Keep in mind that the in- game purchases and items in Rocket League only affect appearance and do not give you a gameplay advantage over other players.

Rocket League is available both on PC and consoles. You can play with a mouse and keyboard, however as it is with most sports and driving games, it is relatively easier to play with a controller. The control scheme of Rocket League is much more suitable fora controller than a keyboard and mouse. The system requirements of Rocket League are not that high, but you will still need an average PC to play the game without any FPS drops or lags.

Rocket League is very easy to play, but hard to master. It also went free-to-play when Epic Games acquired Psyonix, therefore all you need is an Epic Games account to play Rocket League. After you queue for a game mode, you will spawn in a little arena resembling a soccer field. A countdown will commence with all players spread across equally in their side of the field. Then the players try to work together with their teammates in order to push and kick the ball into the opponent team’s goal. You will not only drive around but also jump in order to compete for the ball. Using the jump button twice allows you to propel yourself in a direction, which you can utilize as a kick. You can also use a boost, which you can collect around the map, to increase your speed. The team with the most goals when the timer ends wins the match. If there is a tie, the game goes on to golden goal overtime.

There are many different types of cars to choose from, some are more bulky and long while some are small and short. You should pick your car type according to your playstyle and strategy. Whatever you choose as your strategy, you should always cooperate with your teammates and not always run straight after the ball. You should give passes and cross the ball into the goal area.

Besides casual play, Rocket League also features a ranked game mode. It is almost identical to casual gameplay, however, the result of the game affects your MMR (Matchmaking Rating) which in turn determines your rank. As you climb up the ranks, you will learn and encounter new tactics that are very hard to master. There are many tutorials on the internet that explain different moves that require extensive training. For example, there are certain combinations of boosting and jumping that allow players to reach high velocity very quickly, allowing them to kick the ball with a larger force. Some players can even control the ball in mid-air. All of these strategies contribute to your gameplay. By consistently training and playing ranked, you can improve your gameplay and move towards a professional Rocket League esports career.

Rocket League offers tournaments that you can access and join directly from the in-game menu. There are also tournaments organized by external organizations, third-party websites, and esports teams. You can join these regularly organized tournaments to win cash prizes.

Most famous esports teams have their own Rocket League players and rosters, so if you prove yourself worthy of becoming a professional player, you can compete under successful organizations. There is an annual event called Rocket League Championship Series, which featured a prize pool of approximately $410,000 last year.

More about the program

Concorde Games is the premier esport coaching platform that focuses education and enhancing competitive gaming for middle school and high school esport athletes. The comprehensive training approach provides league participants with a number of tactics and tools that they can utilize to improve their gaming skills, while building important life skills that extend beyond the game.

Comprehensive strategy, teamwork, and communication are the keys to success in Rocket League, and this league will help improve individual skills and abilities to play casually or competitively, help players find their designated roles, move-sets, and tasks to complete, refine team play tactics, and callouts.

Most importantly league participants will have fun in a professional and competitive environment. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Concorde Games is designed to arm students with the skills and knowledge to be able to compete in competitive gaming tournaments and become collegiate scholarship recruits. Concorde Games has been building and growing esports programs at high schools around the country. Whether you’re new to esports or leading a thriving program, we have got content that is right for you.

Concorde Games has incorporated a STEM.ORG curriculum as part of its esport coaching program. STEM-related skills are crucial to any esports athlete: deep engagement with computer technology, statistical analysis for scouting, and strategizing pre-match and mid-match.

Esports requires a tremendous amount of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity from players to achieve and sustain success. It reaches beyond traditional sports to create an all-inclusive environment that breaks barriers.

Esports are co-ed, inclusive to anybody who can use a computer and engage students who might not otherwise participate in extracurricular activities.

Winning demands not only superior execution but superior strategizing. Defeating an opponent requires quick, conceptual thinking and creative problem solving. Concorde Games helps students sharpen these skills in a fun, supervised environment.

Every game Concorde Games offers is team-based. Success demands strong, clear communication skills — something highly sought after by every employer.

Competition means sometimes you lose. Learning to deal with failure, particularly when emotions may be running high, teaches students one of life’s most valuable lessons — how to get back up.

Currently, hundreds of colleges and universities offer tens of millions of dollars in esports scholarship money. That number grows substantially every year as more and more schools spin up esports programs.

Our seasonal league costs $200 per player. The price of a 1-on-1 Rocket League coach depends on your unique circumstances. Additionally, students who meet their instructor on a regular schedule may be charged differently than someone who wants sessions at the last minute.

We only choose to work with the absolute best All of Concorde’s coaches are put through an intensive vetting process (interviews and simulated tutoring sessions).

Concorde Game’s coaches are here to help you get more out of your rocket league play by setting you up with a qualified Rocket League Coach. Rocket League coaches offer you a unique chance to learn alongside an expert in the subject who can create a focused environment that is conducive to Rocket League coaching. It’s possible that you have spent time searching for “Rocket League Coaching near me.” If so, then it’s likely that you understand the value that a top-notch Rocket League Coach can bring to you. If you are tired of searching for an “Rocket League Coach near me,” you will be happy to know that Concorde Games coaches are ready to set you up with a coaching session.

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Rocket league coach

Concorde Education is proud to offer premier Esport coaching in the ever popular, ever competitive, Rocket League scene. Whether you are a veteran player looking to take your skill to the next level, or brand new to Pysonix’s beloved arcade car soccer game, Concorde Education has a Rocket League Coach for you. Concorde Education’s prides itself on having a Rocket League coach for every player or student, and their specific individual needs. Concorde Education understands that a Rocket League coach needs to do more than just go through the motions. Every Rocket League coach Concorde education employ’s is subject to a through background check. This background check accomplishes two main tasks, The first, we ensure that our Rocket League Coach is a safe and upstanding model of citizenship both on and off the virtual playscapes. Secondly, we ensure that our Rocket League Coach has experts credentials professionally, ensuring that they are the most qualified coaches available to help get your students where they need to be.

Choose our Rocket League training routine developed by profession players

Concorde Educations Rocket League coaching also offers a variety of flexible and rewarding features. Our Rocket League coaches have a comprehensive Rocket League training routine that allows not only ensure skills are learned, but that fundamentals are reinforced via repetition. They offer exclusive and high-level Rocket League training tips that ensure your students and players are getting the very best possible, high level instruction on how to best play the game. If you are looking to hire a Rocket League coach, Concorde Education is your one stop for the greatest coaching the game and community has to offer. Our Rocket League coaches boast training and experience from a variety of professional teams and tournaments. Our Esport coaches know that when it comes to Rocket League Training, there is more to be offered than just what is accomplished on the virtual field. All of our Rocket League Coaches not only focus their players on becoming better at the game, but with an added focus on digital artifacts and career readiness. Digital Artifacts allow platers to walk away from their Rocket League Coach and training sessions with something tangible to show for it. This can be a highlight reel, logo design, a broadcasting reel and much more. Our Rocket League coach will also have an eye towards career readiness. This ensures that the players are learning skills such as teamwork, communication, and decision making that will serve them well wherever their professional and personal journey’s take them.

Be coached by the best Rocket League instructor

Rocket League coach at Concorde Education is much more than a game play enhancer. While offering world class level coaching and instruction on the game, they focus on the whole student and player. Our students’ athletes, when paired with our rocket league coach, will come away not only being better players, but better virtual and global citizens prepared for the next steps in their journey. With immense global popularity and some of the finest coaches that can be found anywhere, Concorde Education’s Rocket League Coach’s will take you to the next level and beyond.
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