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Nintendo’s worldwide phenomena, now at Concorde Games! Our expert trainers will help you build a team that would make even the Elite Four shake in their boots.

How To Play Pokemon: Our Guide

Do You want to learn how to play Pokémon: Team Building? Then this guide is for you. Just continue reading and you will find everything you need to play Pokémon: Team Building.

A global powerhouse for nearly 30 years, Pokémon has been played completely since it’s inception in 1996 by Game Freak and Nintendo. The focus on building a competitive team has grown increasingly complex over the years, as a team of 6 Pokémon of various types can create incredible diversity and opportunity in the right trainer’s hands.

A Nintendo exclusive, players will need a compatible Nintendo system such as the Nintendo Switch to train and compete. A stable internet connection and other players and trainers are also recommended.

Each player has a team of 6 Pokémon. Each Pokémon has various types which also makes them stronger and weaker against others. They also come with a variety of skills, hidden stats that can be increased by leveling up or with selected in game items. Each Pokémon can also learn 4 moves that have different effect and type assignments themselves, encouraging the player to create not only a balanced team, but a balanced move set within each Pokémon.

There are many different types of cars to choose from, some are more bulky and long while some are small and short. You should pick your car type according to your playstyle and strategy. Whatever you choose as your strategy, you should always cooperate with your teammates and not always run straight after the ball. You should give passes and cross the ball into the goal area.

Understanding the layers of complex systems in Pokémon can be daunting when building a team. Players will need to understand and master game mechanics, type effectiveness, special and physical moves, stat mechanics, natures and much more.

The Pokémon Company has held its invite only event, the Pokémon World Championships since its 2004 that sees the very best ranked trainers compete on the grandest stage available, internationally. Trainers compete for cash prizes, scholarships, and more as they battle for the title of World Champion.

More about the program

Concorde Games is the premier esport coaching platform that focuses education and enhancing competitive gaming for middle school and high school esport athletes. The comprehensive training approach provides league participants with a number of tactics and tools that they can utilize to improve their gaming skills, while building important life skills that extend beyond the game.

Most importantly league participants will have fun in a professional and competitive environment. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Concorde Games is designed to arm students with the skills and knowledge to be able to compete in competitive gaming tournaments and become collegiate scholarship recruits. Concorde Games has been building and growing esports programs at high schools around the country. Whether you’re new to esports or leading a thriving program, we have got content that is right for you.

Concorde Games has incorporated a STEM.ORG curriculum as part of its esport coaching program. STEM-related skills are crucial to any esports athlete: deep engagement with computer technology, statistical analysis for scouting, and strategizing pre-match and mid-match.

Esports requires a tremendous amount of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity from players to achieve and sustain success. It reaches beyond traditional sports to create an all-inclusive environment that breaks barriers.

Esports are co-ed, inclusive to anybody who can use a computer and engage students who might not otherwise participate in extracurricular activities.

Winning demands not only superior execution but superior strategizing. Defeating an opponent requires quick, conceptual thinking and creative problem solving. Concorde Games helps students sharpen these skills in a fun, supervised environment.

Every game Concorde Games offers is team-based. Success demands strong, clear communication skills — something highly sought after by every employer.

Competition means sometimes you lose. Learning to deal with failure, particularly when emotions may be running high, teaches students one of life’s most valuable lessons — how to get back up.

Currently, hundreds of colleges and universities offer tens of millions of dollars in esports scholarship money. That number grows substantially every year as more and more schools spin up esports programs.

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