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If you or your student are interested in learning English, an ESL/ELL tutor may be the way to go. Concorde Tutoring  will find you an English-speaking tutor in as little as 24 hours, allowing you to concentrate on learning the language as opposed to finding a qualified instructor.

We thoroughly vet every instructor in our network, so you can trust that all of the information you receive will be correct and up-to-date. We also look for patient instructors who understand that learning a new language takes time, so you won’t be rushed into anything before you are ready. Keep reading to find out more about professional ESL/ELL tutoring.

Learn ESL/ELL From Experienced Teachers

Most experts agree that the best way to learn any new language is to completely immerse yourself in it. This is difficult to do on your own, but a private ESL/ELL tutor can model what English is supposed to look and sound like so you have a model to follow.

Your instructor can also recommend English-language media so you can listen to spoken English between study sessions and even compare and contrast different dialects. Perhaps most importantly, an ESL/ELL coach can answer any questions you have about the silent letters or subject-verb-object sentence structure that trip up many language learners. You may even progress to the point that your instructor can conduct entire sessions in English.

Improve Grades and Test Scores In ESL/ELL

Whether you are a student studying English in school or planning to move to a country that requires a standardized English assessment, an ESL/ELL tutor can design a customized study plan around your needs. If you understand common spelling rules such as “i before e except after c,” your instructor can focus on other aspects of the language to keep your study sessions as engaging as possible.

If you need more help understanding how the verb “be” is conjugated, your instructor can keep explaining it to you until you’re ready for something new. You can even take timed practice examinations to help you get a feel for what you need to know on test day.

Step 1

Consultation between tutor, student and/or student’s guardian

Step 2

Customized Individual Tutoring Plan is Created

Step 3

1-on-1 sessions are scheduled with Student

Step 4

1-Hour Long Sessions Begin

Step 5

Review of Individual Plan Progress


Most frequent questions and answers

It is no secret that learning a second language can be a challenge. English as a second language, or ESL, is a subject that teaches English to non-native speakers. Whether you are applying for jobs, trying to understand lessons in the classroom, or just brushing up on your skills, Concorde Tutoring  can help you connect with a skilled ESL tutor who can help you work toward your goals. Connecting with a tutor can be of great benefit to you.

ESL tutoring can help with these concepts:

  • Accent
  • Tone
  • Conversational English
  • Pronunciation
  • Reading the language
  • Writing the language

ESL tutoring can help you improve your English grammar skills. Your tutor may take a more formal approach through demonstration, explanation, or drills. Likewise, they may take a more informal approach by creating games using grammar lessons. Also, your tutor can help you learn nuances and connotations within the English language so that you can communicate effectively.

Additionally, having an ESL tutor allows you to work at your own pace. If you struggle with reading in English, but you are doing well with speaking it, your tutor can spend more time with you on reading until you understand it more clearly. Likewise, when you have mastered a subject, they can skip over it, freeing up that time to spend on something else.

ESL tutoring can be a lot more relaxed than the traditional classroom experience. You can spend a little more time talking with your tutor on a personal level so you can build a stronger relationship with them. Also, your confidence level may rise as you begin to get more comfortable with your tutor and you begin to understand the material better.

Furthermore, your tutor can use many different teaching methods. If you are a visual learner, he or she may use flashcards, videos, charts, and more. If you are more hands-on, they may assign special projects or create custom games to keep you interested and engaged. This can maximize your potential for learning.

If you have been searching online using terms like “ESL tutoring near me,” you are in luck. Concorde Tutoring  can help you find a skilled tutor in your area. Furthermore, we offer a Live Learning Platform which allows you to access sessions from any mobile device, making the entire process more convenient. You can be connected with a skilled tutor who matches your scheduling needs. Contact us today to get started.

The price of formal ESL/ELL tutoring depends on what you want to review and how often you meet your instructor. For instance, you may pay a different rate to study the intricacies of English spelling conventions than you would for a brief synopsis of English grammar rules.

Concorde Tutoring  can also set you up with several more affordable options if you aren’t sure you can swing private instruction. For instance, a live ESL/ELL class can be a great way to collaborate with other English-language learners, while group tutoring allows several students to split the cost of their instructor. Contact us today for more specific pricing information in your region.

Your English tutoring sessions will take place on our customized online learning platform that facilitates a great study experience anywhere with a stable internet connection. Video chat allows you to see and hear your instructor as if you were in the same room, making it easier to ask questions and develop a personal rapport with your instructor that may prove conducive to the learning process.

Likewise, your tutor can use our platform’s virtual whiteboard to help you take notes. Our platform even records every study session automatically so you can go back for a refresher whenever you like.

Learning a new language can be tough, especially one with as many idiosyncrasies as English. By working with a private tutor, you are setting aside a certain amount of time each week to sharpen your current skills and add new ones.

Concorde Tutoring is ready and waiting to find you a great instructor to work with, but you have to start the process. Contact us through the “Get Started” tab on this page or by phone to learn more about how a professional tutor could help you reach for your linguistic goals!

EST tutoring

Concorde Education knows that EST tutors and EST tutoring are among the most important people and services students can receive. A foundation for understanding all education proceeding it, English second language tutoring can make all the difference in academic recovery for a student who may be in need. Concorde Education knows the importance of our ELA tutors and putting those professionals where they are needed most. We are fortunate and honored to offer EST tutoring services to students and communities around the world.

Concorde Education’s EST tutors are able to meet students in person or remotely to ensure that academic recovery is happening wherever and whenever it is needed most. Every master class EST tutor we employ is subject to a rigorous and thorough background check. This accomplishes two crucial tasks. First it ensures that Concorde Education’s EST tutors have all the master class professional educational training to deliver the EST content necessary in a differentiated and accessible manner. Secondly, it ensures that we are employing not only masters of English Second Language tutoring but also the safest and best examples of good citizens available.

The best online English second language tutoring

Our EST tutors offer much more than just standard lessons. They specialize in EST test prep and EST test taking strategies to maximize the measurable data involved with tracking academic recovery. Our EST tutors know that not only is EST Test Prep and EST test taking strategies crucial for students to be able to show measurable data for their hard work and academic gains, but doing well on these exams will also boost their confidence going forward. Our EST tutors look at the whole student. Through English Second Language tutoring, students will not only get the academic recovery that is necessary, but also feel an immense sense of pride and ownership of their own academic journey going forward.

Why should you choose our EST tutors?

Concorde Education’s EST tutors knows that English Language Arts is the true back bone of all American academics. With a firm grasp of the English language from our EST tutors, students will accomplish much more than just higher grades in EST. With a better understanding of the English language through our EST tutors, our students have the ability to comprehend and understand all other academic subjects with more efficiency in both retention and time spent studying or test taking. Concorde Education’s EST tutors are specialized in not just one core academic subject, but in teaching students how to learn efficiently and effectively. These lessons can be applied to any academic class and will serve them well as they enter a career or field in their choice. Concorde Education builds lifelong learners. Our EST tutors, like all of our tutors and instructors know that the key to education is to never stop learning. Every student walks away from their EST tutoring with not just enhanced knowledge of a specific English Language arts knowledge, but how to successfully implement and leverage that skill for potential career and creative opportunities in the future. Whatever you or your students current EST level or desire, Concorde education looks forward to serving you. Try our online tutoring.