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If you are searching for online pre-calculus tutoring, your search ends with Concorde Tutoring. Our experts use advanced tutor matching technology to find students their choice of a private, one-on-one instructor or a group tutoring option suiting their scheduling and academic needs.
You don’t have to worry about the quality of instruction you will receive either, as we thoroughly vet every instructor in our network based on the following criteria:

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Consultation between tutor, student and/or student’s guardian

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Customized Individual Tutoring Plan is Created

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1-on-1 sessions are scheduled with Student

Step 4

1-Hour Long Sessions Begin

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Review of Individual Plan Progress

Proven Pre-Calculus Help For All Levels

Pre-calculus is a course designed to prepare students to study calculus, but many schools require all students to take it. A pre-calculus tutor can backtrack to concepts taught in Algebra II to help you feel more comfortable with topics such as right angle trigonometry and finding the domain of a function.

If you have a hard time manipulating your graphing calculator, your instructor can also help you figure out its interface.

If you excel in mathematics, your pre-calculus tutor can provide more in-depth instruction than your classroom teacher can. For example, you can go beyond the introduction to continuity pre-calculus provides for a taste of how calculus courses approach the topic.

Improve Grades and Test Scores In Pre-Calculus

Many students also take advantage of pre-calculus tutoring to refine their test-taking skills. For example, your instructor can teach you how to eliminate some of the incorrect answer choices to raise the efficacy of any guesses you make on multiple-choice tests.

Similarly, your instructor can show you what your teacher means by “show your work,” helping you earn as many points as possible even if your final answer is wrong. Independent research suggests that private tutoring can improve math scores by 4-6 percent, making it a valuable tool as you pursue your educational goals.

How much does a pre-calculus tutor cost?

The price of a pre-calculus tutor depends on your unique circumstances. A student looking for a brief review of linear programming may pay a different rate than someone studying the advanced applications of Heron’s Formula.

Additionally, students who meet their instructor on a regular schedule may be charged differently than someone who wants sessions at the last minute.

How does online pre-calculus tutoring work?

Your online tutoring sessions will take place in Concorde’s exclusive customized virtual classroom. Our Technology Learning Platform includes powerful features such as a virtual whiteboard and video chat capabilities, providing the benefits of an in-person tutoring experience without the hassle of a commute.

Your pre-calculus coach can also integrate practice problems directly into our platform for collaborative work. Perhaps most importantly, our platform automatically records every study session for future review.

Are pre-calculus tutors worth it?

Yes, we would argue that private tutoring is worth it. Working with a private tutor can help students feel more comfortable with numbers, opening up exciting career paths that they may never have considered otherwise.
In addition, a tutor could help you develop study skills that will serve you well in your future academic endeavors. Concorde Tutoring looks forward to serving you!

How can a Pre-Calculus tutor help you?

Concorde Tutoring can help you out with your quest for “Precalculus tutors near me.” Precalculus tutoring is a great way to make progress in your studies. This is because it gives you the opportunity to work in a private and personalized environment that is tailored to your needs and your level of understanding of the subject matter. If you have been searching the internet for a “Precalculus tutor near me,” contact us today in order to get started with one-on-one tutoring to help you advance in your studies.

Precalculus is a course of study that serves as an introduction and preparation for the study of calculus itself. Usually, precalculus includes the study of both algebra and trigonometry. Included in algebra is the study of algebraic expressions, including transforming and modifying those expressions in different calculations. Functions and inverse functions can be included as well. Regardless of whether you want to focus on algebra, trigonometry, both, or any other specific sub-category of precalculus, your tutor can help you out.

Precalculus tutoring has many benefits. Often, students feel as if precalculus is hard and that their previous studies of trigonometry and algebra only covered basic material compared to what is included in precalculus. Fortunately, precalculus tutors can help you get over the learning curve that is involved in precalculus. There may be a lot of memorization involved in studying precalculus, and your tutor can give you advice and tips for how to be better at remembering things that you need to memorize.

Here are some other benefits involved in precalculus tutoring:

Benefits of Studying Precalculus

  • Combines all math learning prior to calculus
  • Extends complexities of algebraic and trigonometric understanding
  • Solidifies command of inequalities, expressions, and functions
  • Introduces mathematical proofs before starting calculus

One-on-one (1:1) precalculus tutoring will give you the benefit of being able to proceed in your studies at your own pace. You do not have to limit yourself to the pace of a college classroom, which may proceed at a pace that is either too fast or too slow for your individual needs. Your precalculus tutor can help you focus on the areas in which you need more improvement. For example, you may find that algebra is easy for you but that you need more help with trigonometry.

One-on-one precalculus tutoring also gives you the opportunity to get all of your questions answered. You do not have to worry about holding up the class, so you will be free to ask your tutor any question you may have about any subject matter. Your tutor can also develop a customized study plan that you can follow and work on when you have free time outside of your precalculus tutoring sessions.

Many students start studying precalculus long after they study geometry back in high school or middle school. Thus, there is a lot that needs to be relearned. In addition, there is often a lot of material in precalculus that is new. Students can feel overwhelmed by all of the new things that they need to learn and memorize. That is where private tutoring comes in.

Private tutoring can help you understand all of the topics that are expected of students of calculus to know. For example, with trigonometry, precalculus tutors can help you understand the basic functions of triangles. Your tutor can then help you proceed to more advanced studies of triangles, such as how they can be represented in different degrees, measures, and angles. Precalculus tutors can also help with more advanced matters, such as the Unit Circle and trig equations.

When it comes to algebra, private tutors can help students understand things such as functions, domains, ranges, and how to represent equations in various formats.

Private tutoring can help you out with the expectations of precalculus, as shown below:

Precalculus Content Expectations

  • Functions
  • Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  • Quadratic Functions
  • Polynomial Functions
  • Rational Functions and Difference Quotients
  • Trigonometric Functions
  • Vectors, Matrices, and Systems of Equations
  • Sequences, Series, and Mathematical Induction
  • Polar Coordinates, Parameterizations, and Conic Sections

Private tutors can get to know you and your learning style. Not everyone will have the same learning style. In addition, private tutors can assess your current capabilities and give you a plan for which areas you need to put more effort into. For example, some people may find that quadratic functions are difficult and that private tutoring helps them out greatly with that, while others may find that quadratic functions are easy but polar coordinates and conic sections are difficult. The intimate setting that private tutoring offers can give you the opportunity to study in a comfortable environment where you can learn without any external pressure.

Standardized exams are a way for schools from the elementary level through graduate and doctoral programs to measure your abilities against other students with as little bias as possible. Precalculus can be found on some of these tests, and if you’re preparing for one, your precalculus tutor can certainly help.

In addition to helping you brush up on any content you may need to, your instructor can provide you with valuable test-taking strategies and relaxation techniques that can benefit you when you’re actually taking the exam. Some of these include time management strategies, reading questions carefully to make sure you understand what they ask, and what to do if you don’t know the answer to a question. The strategies you use for each test will be different from one another.

Math is used in nearly every career and job, regardless of how high or low-level it might be. For example, doctors, architects, and dancers all use some form of mathematical skills in relation to their jobs. The more well-versed your child is in math, the more opportunities and doors open for them, allowing them to pick a career of their choosing. Plumbers and carpenters need to measure and apply math on the job, just as cooks and contractors do. Finally, for young people who choose to pursue a career in accounting, bookkeeping, or any job that involves working with numbers, they will need not only a solid foundation, but advanced studies in the field of math, such a college algebra, and that’s where a math tutor comes in.

According to the Mind Research Institute, math education does more than just help people understand how to solve mathematical problems. It is used in conjunction with growing fields such as technology and education. If you want your child to improve their skills or go further in their math studies, you already know how important it is to find “math tutoring near me.” Searching for a math tutor helps parents feel at ease that their children are learning and getting the skills they need to create a prosperous future.

If your child is having a tough time with their math coursework, then Concorde Tutoring can help by getting them started with a math tutor. Working with a private tutor is a great way to help them make academic progress with their studies and can help them get ready for future coursework. Your student’s math tutoring sessions can focus on the specific topics that they need the most help with. They’ll be able to take their time working through each topic and can ask their instructor for extra help whenever they need. In all, tutoring is an excellent supplement to your student’s classroom education. You can get them started with math tutors by reaching out to us today. You can also keep reading to get more information on how math tutors can help your student pursue their academic goals.

Today, there are a number of sub-disciplines within the broader field of geometry. For example, you may be studying Euclidean geometry, which is what many consider to be “classic” geometry. Euclidean geometry focuses on things like points, angles, and lines. Or, perhaps you’re studying differential geometry. This sub-discipline uses core topics in calculus to drive a deeper understanding of complex geometric problems. Another geometric field is called topology. Topology is distinguished by its focus on the geometric properties of objects that aren’t changed through continuous mappings. Finally, computational geometry is a rising sub-discipline of geometry. This field of study examines how algorithms can influence and impact the manipulation of geometric objects.

Whichever field of geometry you’re currently studying, Concorde Tutoring can connect you with an experienced geometry tutor who can help you develop a better understanding of it. Geometry tutors can take you on a step-by-step journey through the most important topics in the geometry topic that you’re learning. Getting started with a private tutor is an easy thing to do when you contact us directly. Consider doing so if you think that you would benefit from this type of academic assistance.

  • CLEP Precalculus – You can take the CLEP any time of the year, and by earning a passing score, you can earn three college precalculus credits that show you have mastered what you’ve learned during high school classes, internships, or through studying on your own. The skills assessed are mostly focused on various absolute value, quadratic, exponential, trigonometric, and other types of functions.
  • End-of-Course Tests – Many schools throughout the United States require students to take EOC tests to demonstrate what they’ve learned. Students in precalculus who take this can expect to see any of the precalculus material they’ve learned throughout the year on the exam.
  • SAT Math 2 Subject Test – SAT Math Subject Tests are a way to show colleges and universities your strong skills and interest in math. The precalculus problems found on this exam revolve around functions, and are included in the algebra section.

Private tutoring can also help you if you are studying precalculus in a classroom setting. There may be some subject matter that you don’t fully understand. Perhaps you feel as if the classroom teaching style is too fast for you or that it does not cover some topics in a comprehensive matter. Private tutoring in precalculus can help you go over what you learned in the classroom so you have the chance to understand and remember the concepts better.

Precalculus is a course that is designed to prepare you for future math topics. Gaining an in-depth understanding of precalculus can help prepare you for when you study more advanced math subjects in your future classes. Many tests that are important for your future studies, education opportunities, and career opportunities, such as the SAT, include questions about matters that you will learn about in precalculus. Calculus is a difficult subject, but it has many real-world applications and is important for your future studies and careers. Precalculus is important if you are going to be studying calculus. With math, it is important to realize that it builds on itself. It may be difficult to understand more advanced classes if you did not learn the previous topics adequately. It can be hard to study math backward.

Completing precalculus can help you get on the right path for completing calculus and other future studies. This can help you get an advanced degree. Many students aim for this in a bid to find more career opportunities once they graduate.

Some universities even offer specific courses, such as Calculus for Economics or Calculus for Engineers. Private tutoring can help you prepare for any future calculus course that you may take.

More and more students are completing courses in precalculus and trigonometry. This is because it is becoming ever more important in today’s world. Take a look at some stats about how the amount of students completing precalculus courses has gone up over the years:

Highest Math Course Completed

Percentage of Students Born 1957-1964 Percentage of Students Born 1980-1984
Calculus 2.1 11.2
Precalculus, trigonometry, and advanced math 8.3 23.6
Algebra 2 22.8 27.9
Algebra and geometry 40.6 26.9
General math, consumer math, and pre-algebra 26.4 10.4

There is a reason “precalculus tutoring near me” has become such a popular search term online. More and more students are looking to become knowledgeable in precalculus. As it is a difficult subject, it is quite common for students to supplement their college precalculus courses with private tutoring.

Private tutors can help you with your precalculus studies. There is a reason so many students are opting for it. They can also help you improve your general learning style and improve your study sessions so that you get more out of each one. They can advise you on how to manage your time for studying effectively so that you don’t waste any time and cover more subject matter in a shorter amount of time. They can also give you some advice for any future test taking that you may have, such as how to be more confident on the day of the test. They may be able to help you out with valuable test preparation tips as well.

If you have been searching online for “Precalculus tutoring near me,” do not hesitate to contact Concorde Tutoring. You can be connected with a knowledgeable, patient, and helpful tutor in the near future who can help you out greatly with your studies. This is a good idea even if you are already taking classes in precalculus, as tutoring can help you gain a deeper and clearer understanding of difficult topics. Your search can be over soon. Contact us today. We hope to hear from you.

Concorde Tutoring can help you connect with skilled Precalculus tutors who can help you maximize your study efforts. Whether you are studying Precalculus in high school or college, working with a private instructor can help make this complicated subject more manageable. Continue reading to learn precisely what is covered in Precalculus classes, some of the skills a private instructor can help you with, how private sessions are different from typical classrooms, and how Concorde Tutoring can help you get started with Precalculus tutoring quickly and easily.

Precalculus is exactly what you’d expect based on the name; it’s a course designed to prepare high school or college students for Calculus. The way this is accomplished may vary slightly between high school and college level courses, but the general information will remain the same.

Calculus is a branch of mathematics that studies change over time. Precalculus takes a student’s prior experience with Geometry and Algebra and builds upon it to help them transition into Calculus. The two primary subject areas within a Precalculus course are Math Analysis and Trigonometry.

Math Analysis is sometimes labeled as Algebra 3. During this portion of the class, students focus on diving deeper into algebraic concepts. The Trigonometry portion of the course is essentially the study of triangles. It is the foundation of geometry and used extensively in fields such as astronomy, biology, navigation, oceanography, music theory, physical sciences, civil engineering, cartography, mechanical engineering, meteorology, and more.

Although this is a course to get you ready for another class, don’t think that means it will be easy. It is a combination of two different mathematical disciplines that helps students bridge a learning gap that stands between them and calculus studies. Because Precalculus does include two types of math, it can feel overwhelming to some students. This is especially true for those students who are not necessarily focused on mathematical studies but need calculus for their degree.

As part of your studies, you will be required to memorize large quantities of information. You will also need to call upon knowledge from previous courses. If you struggled in geometry or algebra previously and have any foundational knowledge gaps, a private Precalculus instructor could help you address these during your sessions.

Some of the algebra concepts your private instructor can help you with include domain and range, functions, and end behavior. While you will be reviewing how to tackle complicated equations, your Precalculus class will also teach you how to represent these equations graphically, verbally, and numerically. This is accomplished through the study of rational functions, logarithmic functions, polynomial functions, exponential functions, and the limitations of the various functions in expressing your findings. Whether you need extensive help with the algebra portion of your class or you need to review a few key concepts, sessions with a private Precalculus instructor can give you the support you need to work on your specific learning goals.

As part of your trigonometry studies, you may need to work with your personal instructor on developing your understanding of inverse trigonometric functions, solving basic and advanced sinusoidal equations, trigonometric angle addition identities, solving sinusoidal models, Polar, and Complex Coordinate systems, and using trigonometric identities to solve problems.

Other topics you may need to review with your Precalculus tutor include conic sections, vectors, matrices, complex numbers, probability and combinatorics, and various series and sequences.

In addition to helping you review specific concepts and skills, Precalculus tutors can also help you maximize your study efforts in preparation of a chapter or end of year exam. Precalculus sessions may be useful for students who are facing high-stakes standardized exams such as the SAT or ACT.

Private instruction can help you with all of your precalculus studies, which is why so many high performing students leverage individualized instruction as part of their academic strategy. Not only can they help you review key concepts and prepare for tests, but they can also work with you to develop your independent study skills. This may include note-taking strategies, time management techniques, and general test-taking tips that can help you maximize your educational efforts even after your sessions have ended

When you take a typical Precalculus course, you will be surrounded by many other students who are all depending on a single teacher to provide the educational content of the course and any additional academic support each student may require. When you add in lesson planning and grading tests, that’s a lot for one teacher to accomplish. It’s no surprise that the personalization component can become lost in the mix.

When you work independently with a professional Precalculus tutor, you are the only student they are working with during your study session. This gives them the time to focus on getting to know you, your learning style, your academic strengths and weaknesses, and even your educational goals. This is the kind of information that is critical for developing genuinely personalized learning experiences. Your private instructor can take what they discover about you and customize a learning plan that focuses on the precise subject area content you need the most help with. Whether this is critical concepts from previous classes that you didn’t quite master or explaining brand new concepts introduced during your Precalculus class, a personal instructor can work with you at your level and on your time table.

In a typical classroom setting, you may have noticed that every day is relatively similar to the day before. This is especially true in most math classes. The teacher tends to introduce new content visually via a whiteboard, powerpoint, or overhead projector while discussing it. Students are expected to take notes to study between sessions and help them complete any homework assignments. While this is a generally effective instructional model, it does not take into account the different ways in which students learn or what happens if a student begins to struggle with the new information.

When you work with a private instructor, they can tailor their delivery of the material to your learning style. This could mean practical examples, more in-depth discussion, working through a variety of sample problems, or spending time answering your specific questions. One of the most significant differences between the way students are taught in a classroom and in private instructional sessions is this level of personalized instruction, which is difficult to achieve in a regular classroom.

Another crucial difference between private instruction and classes is how they are scheduled. A class is scheduled based on the needs and staffing availability of a school. You must fit the classes you need together like puzzle pieces and then plan your work, personal, family, and study time around those pieces. When you work with a private instructor, you have more personal freedom. You can schedule sessions during the week and on weekends during regular business hours as well as early mornings and later in the evening.

Whether you need help preparing for an exam or ongoing academic support as you make your way through your Precalculus course, private instructional sessions can help you work towards your learning goals.

Concorde Tutoring makes it easy to connect with experienced Precalculus tutors in person or online via our Live Learning Platform. Regardless of whether you decide to work with an instructor remotely or in person, you will receive all of the benefits of personalized instruction discussed previously.

Each format allows you to work with Precalculus tutors face-to-face. In person, sessions can be held in your home, at a nearby coffee shop, a local library, or any other convenient public venue. When working with an instructor remotely, you can meet from anywhere as long as you have your digital device and a reliable internet connection. When you log in to the Live Learning Platform, you will see your instructor as if they were sitting across from you. You can see and hear them and receive the same type of real-time feedback and personalized instruction, as you would if they were sitting next to you.

The most significant difference between in person and online sessions is convenience. Precalculus is a challenging subject to take, and it takes a certain level of experience and subject area mastery to teach. Finding these components in someone local is possible, but their availability may be limited. You can dramatically increase the pool of private instructors from which you can choose when you are willing to work with someone remotely. It can be easier to meet with a tutor during popular session times, such as before and after school, when you work with someone who is in a different time zone.

You deserve the academic support a professional Precalculus tutor can provide. If you’re ready to get started with private Precalculus sessions, contact Concorde Tutoring today to be connected with skilled instructors who can help you work towards your academic goals.