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Professional esports coaches and players brought directly to you, wherever you want to practice. Concorde Education’s top ranked coaches and players will not only up your game but teach career ready skills and advise on pipelines to collegiate programs and opportunities.

What we do.

We operate leagues and provide the coaches and technology needed to launch  and support custom esports teams.

How we do it.

Developed by educators and professional esports athletes, CG’s esports curriculum incorporates elements of cutting-edge STEAM methodologies to maximize post-secondary opportunities.

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Pathway to college.

Pathway to career.

Whether you're a school, a student, or a team, we can help improve your day-to-day Esports processes.

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Concorde Education knows and appreciates that there are few industries in the world as large, successful, and impactful as Esports. Whether you are a brand new player or a veteran looking to up your game, Concorde Education has world class players who can tutor and coach you and your students to where they want to be. Our comprehensive Esport program allows any school or community a chance to participate on the fun and one of a kind experience digital competition has to offer. Our expert tutors and coaches boast professional credentials and accolades over a wide breadth of some of the most viable, exciting, and relevant Esports in today’s climate. Every one of our players and coaches is subject to a rigorous interview and background check process to ensure both credibility and that our students are getting the absolute best experience possible. This service can happen online, in person, or a mixture of the two in a hybrid format. We strive to have the very best players, coaches, tutors, and Esport ambassadors reaching students and communities all over the world.

The best Esport tutoring with Concorde Education

Concorde Education offers professional Esport tutoring in FortniteLeague of LegendsRocket LeagueSuper Smash BrothersFIFAMaddenNBA 2k and much, much more. Our wide range of Esports ensures that no matter the desire, interest, content, or grade level, Concorde Education will have professionals to meet your school or communities needs. Our tutors and Esport coaches are able to impart their skills online or in person, offering a flexibility to help meet your students regardless of skill level, wherever they may be. We offer Esport tutoring and coaching in a variety of game and genres, allowing our professionals to work with students of all ages and grade levels.

Trust our professional Esport players

Our tutors and coaches seek out to accomplish even more than just perfecting an Esport players skills and win ratio. All of our tutors and coaches believe in creating both digital artifacts and a path towards career readiness. Students and players will walk away with something to show for their time; be it a highlight reel, logo design, broadcast commentary or whatever their desire or specialty may be. All of these skills are transferable to other learning paths and careers as well. You do not need to be a “pro gamer” to be involved in Esports. Our professionals will also speak on the variety of career pathways ranging from social media, graphic design, broadcasting, and much more. As with all of Concorde Education’s programs and offering, Esport services are turnkey in nature. This means that whether its coaching, league set up, or extended courses, Concorde Education takes the work and stress off of your school and presents a program that is ready to engage and enrich your community. Our online tutors and coaches are experienced, friendly, and ready to impart their knowledge and skill on to schools and communities who desire them. Concorde Education believes that video games are for everyone, as we run and promote inclusive programs with the best interests of our student athletes at the very core of what we provide.
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