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Scratch Jr is a programming language for children ages 5 through 7. Using the Scratch Jr iPad application, children can create their own interactive collages, animated stories, and games.The next program in the coding hierarchy is Scratch. Intended as a gateway to programming for children ages 8 through 16. Scratch and Scratch Jr are easy to use and provides students an introduction to the art and philosophy of coding. Students will think critically to design projects and solve problems that arise along the way.

Weekly Take Home Artifact: Students will be able to show the progress of the game or program they are developing.

Our robotics coding program is designed to introduce students to the concepts of coding using a variety of robots including drones, Ozobots, Legos, and/or Spheros. Students will use languages beginning with Blockly, a user-friendly and visual language before moving on to more complicated, script-based languages like Python.

Concorde Education instructors cover a range of web development related languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, as well as other high-level languages such as Python, Swift, and SQL.

Weekly Take Home Artifact – Students will be able to show progress on their web page

Learn the frontend and backend of mobile game and app development! Students create games in Blockly with the MIT App Inventor and gain an understanding of game design. Concorde Education instructors guide students as they create simple games like Mole Mash, Galaga, and build up to more challenging and original games. This course is perfect for someone looking to begin their computer programming journey.

Weekly Take Home Artifact – Students will be able to show progress on the video game they are developing

The perfect vehicle for Project-Based Learning. In every lesson, students will learn foundational skills such as aligning, scaling, grouping, rotating, and flipping shapes. Students will use this knowledge to design and print simple, everyday objects such as keychains, jewelry, holiday objects, and more. As students learn more advanced concepts such as extruding, meshing, cross sectioning, shelling, and slicing, they will design more complex objects like smartphone covers and tablet stands.

Weekly Take Home Artifact – Students will print their coded item

Classes can be customized to focus on a particular language or tool. Our roster of professional coding instructors can cover a variety of languages and/or tools including:

  • Python
  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C/C++
  • R


Students will learn about framing, photographic composition, basic lighting, and presentation as well as post editing skills. Students will share their work as they engage in photographic critiques, as well as how to give and receive constructive feedback from their peers.

Weekly Take Home Artifact – Students will add photos to their digital portfolio

Students will learn the skills necessary to tell a story through storyboarding, recording their content, and editing their clips. Whether students are creating a commercial, esports highlight reel, TikTok video, or college video essay, editing helps play a huge role in how viewers engage with their video.

Weekly Take Home Artifact – Students will show progress on their video project

This class focuses on the fundamentals of creating an animated short. Designed to cover 2D and/or 3D animation, students will be able to utilize several skills in their work including frame rate, keyframes, tweeting, easing, character/ puppet design, and basic blocking and movement.

Weekly Take Home Artifact – Students will show progress on their animation project

Students will learn about the history of social media and examine current trends, creators, and influencers. This information will be used by students to begin shaping their own online presence with a focus on responsible social media use, digital citizenship, and creating engaging content for use on a variety of social media platforms.

Idea Development

Utilizing skills such as brainstorming, storyboarding, and public speaking, students will generate an idea for a service or product and learn how to market it to a targeted audience. Students will take the role of an entrepreneur and develop a budget, business plan, and marketing campaign to pitch their idea in a Shark Tank style presentation.


The esports industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Students will experience the wide variety of collegiate opportunities and career paths open to them outside of being a professional esport gamer. Many of these pathways are anchored in STEM and 21st century learning skills. Concorde’s “Education Through Esports” program introduces students to a variety of pathways through standalone educational modules including:

  • Event Management
  • Logo & Brand Design
  • Team Management
  • Video Game Development
  • Streaming
  • Social Media

To be competitive in Pokemon, players must be able to out think and out maneuver their opponents. This requires extensive knowledge of the mechanics, items, and characters in the game as well as ways to counter the most frequently encountered competitive teams. Students will utilize essential academic skills such as research, practice trial and error, and strategic decision making while exploring the highly engaging world of competitive Pokemon.


Study the basic principles of modern digital broadcasting and journalism and its importance in today’s society. Students will learn how to select a topic, research, investigate, and report their story. Students will learn how to write engaging articles, create digital content, and share their works on social media, school newsletters, and podcasts. This course can be customized to cover athletics, esports, or other school events.

Weekly Take Home Artifact – Students will show progress on their articles and/or broadcasts

Students will be introduced to the world of business and finance. There are several course modules students can explore including:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Personal Finance
  • Accounting
  • Stock Market
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Real Estate

This hands on science course will allow students to investigate a variety of science topics and fields by conducting simple and safe science experiments using household items and ingredients. The content of these courses is adjusted based on the age and area of interest of the students and can focus on topics such as:

  • Food science focusing on chemistry (thermodynamics and chemical changes of food in various cooking methods) and biology (dissections of common fruits and vegetables, nutrition, reading food labels) as well as math (to convert cooking measurements)
  •  Science “Magic” tricks with static electricity, magnets, sleight of hand, optical illusions, and “tricking” the brain
  • Density experiments (multiple household objects can be used including various liquids, cans of sodas, or raw and hardboiled eggs)
  • Aerodynamics demonstrations using various paper airplane designs

Health and Medicine (Grades 4-12)
Students will explore the interplay among various human organ systems, develop an understanding of key disease processes, and study how medications and holistic treatments affect a multitude of ailments. Through research and discussion, students will better understand the nature of all medical professions as well as ways to become healthier individuals. This course incorporates cutting edge Virtual Reality technology to provide a “hands on” experience.

Concorde Education’s anime club combines high interest material with focused instruction in a variety of areas. This flexible and engaging class can be tailored to meet the interests of your students encompassing:

  • Social Justice
  • Adversity
  • Drawing and Animation
  • Japanese Culture

Concorde Education’s Dungeon Masters provide students with a customized fantasy campaign drawing from Dungeons & Dragons lore. Students will design their characters, develop their backstory, and interact with their fellow group members as they engage in problem solving, storytelling, and overcome challenges. This class is an excellent vehicle to practice a variety of Social Emotional Learning skills including:

  • Self-awareness
  • Social awareness
  • Relationship skills
  • Responsible decision making

Concorde Education’s Part 107 Drone Piloting course provides the required knowledge to pass the Part 107 FAA exam in order to obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA. The comprehensive curriculum was developed by professionals which will cover the required FAA rules and regulations, , science content, and the basic and advanced aeronautical concepts necessary to become a Professional Drone Pilot and gain access to the opportunities the certificate provides.

Concorde Education’s music class teaches students to work with Digital Audio Workstations (DAW). Students will learn: The skills required to be a modern music producer.

  • The basics of recording, mixing, and editing in a DAW
  • How to share finished songs or instrumentals online so that others can download or stream finished music
  • Basic music theory which will help develop and organize musical ideas

This course can be customized to focus on a particular skill set, ability level, or DAW.

Weekly Take Home Artifact – Students will be able to show progress on the music they are developing and working on.


Concorde Education offers a near limitless variety of academic support and student enrichment options for small group or 1:1 instruction.

Our academic tutors cover all academic subjects and age groups from elementary through college age students. Individual programs can be tailored to provide support and/or enrichment for students of all ability and performance levels.

Concorde Education offers a near limitless variety of academic support and student enrichment options for small group or 1:1 instruction.

Our test prep tutors provide the skills and knowledge necessary to boost scores and performance on all state or national standardized tests and entrance exams, including but not limited to the SAT, SAT II, ACT, SHSAT, and Regents examinations.

Custom Classes


Concorde Education can build and staff any number of individualized and specialized curricula based on your students’ needs or interests. Custom classes include curriculum design, staffing by a qualified and background checked instructor, and typically include a culminating project or performance.

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