How To Become a League of Legends Collegiate Athlete?

Many young and talented League of Legends players wonder how they can quickly rise in the esports scene. These players can jumpstart their professional esports careers by becoming collegiate athletes. In this article, you can find information on college esports and how to become a League of Legends collegiate athlete.


What is College Esports?

College esports is a level of professional esports. It features players that are currently studying in college andteams of those colleges. These teams and players compete in leagues that are specifically designed for colleges to compete against themselves. Many gaming companies value college esports and take initiatives within it because it is essentially the birthplace of the next star esports player. College esports is taken very seriously in the United States and many colleges have their own professional teams that compete in professional leagues and tournaments. Colleges receive special funding, investments, and sponsorships for their teams. College esports is overseen by certain organizations, such as the National Association of Collegiate Esports in the United States.


How does College Esports work?

As mentioned before, college esports features colleges around a country competing in a league or a tournament. College esports acts as a starting point for aspiring esports athletes that seek to pursue a career in esports. In the United States, college tournaments and leagues are organized by Riot Games and their collegiate partner. Colleges are divided into four different circuits according to their region and compete against other colleges to riseup to the national championship. This tournament is in no way inferior to big League of Legends tournaments, as it features a prize pool of approximately $200,000. On top of that, college esports in the United States is followed by an audience even larger than some of the big regional leagues. College esports is continuing to grow as more and more video game companies are investing in college-level esports and organizing tournaments withlarge prize pools which acts as an incentive for colleges and college-level athletes.


How to become a League of Legends Collegiate Athlete?

To become a League of Legends collegiate athlete, you need to apply to the esports team/club of the college you’restudying in. If you are skilled enough you might be placed on the roster of the college team. Many externalorganizations like ESL and FACEIT also offer collegiate programs for college students who want to chase a career inesports. Collegiate athletes have the chance to prove themselves in the college circuit, as most scouts of professional League of Legends teams follow college esports closely to recruit the next esports superstar. If you’re looking to improve your skills in order to elevate your gameplay to the level of college esports and beyond, you can apply for Concorde Education’s League of Legends program which offers an extensive curriculum to raise your skill level.


What does a League of Legends Collegiate Athlete do?

Becoming a collegiate athlete is a very good choice for players who want to continue their academic careers whilealso competing in esports. College esports allows players to schedule themselves according to their education schedule. Besides being regular college students, collegiate esports athletes train with their teammates and competein tournaments and leagues organized between colleges. League of Legends collegiate athletes that show exceptional performance in college leagues can move up to academy teams of famous esports teams and compete in official tournaments organized by Riot Games. Many famous esports players, especially in the United States, come from the college level.


How to get an Esports scholarship?

If you prove yourself as a talented esports player, your college may also offer you an esports scholarship. These scholarships can start from covering your tuition fees, and go all the way to covering your living expenses and evengetting a monthly payment. If you think you are skilled in esports, you can apply for an esports scholarship at the college you’re enrolled in. Some colleges may also require you to achieve sportive success in college leagues before you can get a scholarship. It is stated that over 200 institutions offered over 15 million dollars in scholarships toaspiring athletes. However, esports scholarships are pretty easy to get if you have over a certain level of experience. Examine the section for scholarships on your college’s website for more information, as conditions can vary from institution to institution.



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