How do I find a Gaming Coach?

There are many professionals in the industry that offer coaching services, however, it is not always easy to find a suitable coach for you. In this article, you can find ways to find a gaming coach, who can elevate your skills to the professional level. There are different ways of finding a gaming coach fitting your needs, and we will share the details with you in our article.


What is a Gaming Coach?

A coach, like in traditional sports, will assist the team and individual players practice in many different ways in order to improve their gaming skills. Coaches work directly with players in order to motivate them, identify their strengths and shortcomings, and ensure that they are performing at their highest level. They’ll create special training programs, conduct research on their opponents, and attempt to enable their players to win as many games and tournaments as possible. A personal gaming coach will create the most suitable program for your schedule, and insert special training sessions where necessary. 


What are the qualifications of a Gaming Coach?

Professional gaming coaches are required to possess many different skills, not only related to gaming but also education. Here are some of the qualifications that a professional gaming coach should have: 

  • Being skilled, and knowledgeable in the game that one’s going to coach in. 
  • Having a strong, competitive, and sportive mindset. 
  • Being able to establish healthy and beneficial communication with the players 
  • Keeping up with the latest updates and tactics in the game, also known as following the meta 
  • Being professional, able to create specialized programs for students, following a certain curriculum while tutoring 
  • Being critical and reflective, being goal-oriented. 

Gaming coaches that have these traits are more prone to becoming successful in the industry. As a student, it is better to take lessons from a coach that possesses these traits in order to get better. 


What benefits does having a gaming coach bring?

Even though you might be a very skilled player, the help of a gaming coach can really help your skills shine. Here are some of the benefits having a gaming coach can bring: 

  • Having a partner helps in general 
  • More discipline while training and playing competitively 
  • Critical thinking, self-reflection 
  • Establishing a better and healthier mindset 
  • Regular and planned training and practice 


How to find a gaming coach?

You can find many aspiring gaming coaches offering their services on the internet. You can find coaches specializing in almost every game. As many ex-professional esports athletes turn into gaming coaches, you can check out their social media accounts to see if they are offering to tutor others. Some websites have special sections and bulletin boards for people offering coaching services. You can also check out forums related to the game you are interested in to find experienced players offering tutoring services. The most reliable way to find a coach is to look at professional gaming coaching services.


Professional Gaming Coach Services

Professional gaming coach services exist in order to establish a secure connection between coaches and players. These institutions act as an intermediary between the players and the coaches willing to share their knowledge of the game. Unlike individual coaches, these institutions have their own curriculum to guarantee an organized education. There are many gaming education institutions accredited by renowned certification organizations. If you are looking for a reliable educational institution, you can check out Concorde Games’ gaming coach services.


Concorde Games Gaming Coach

Gaming coaches of Concorde Games are exquisitely selected individuals who have proven themselves in the competitive arena or with their extensive knowledge of the game they are interested in. They are also individuals who possess exceptional communication and educational skills which are utilized in the courses they give to the enrolled players. They follow a carefully crafted curriculum to give the most satisfactory results. All courses and curricula of Concorde Games are STEM.org accredited. 

To find the gaming coach most suitable for your needs visit the Concorde Games website.



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