Anime Club coaching

Start date: Winter TBD

  • 10-week session
  • Saturdays from 2 – 3pm EST / 11am – 12pm PST
  • $200 per person
  • Meets virtually on Discord
Concorde Games

Get together with other anime lovers to talk about your favorite shows and characters! In meetings led by our instructors, you’ll have screenings and compare the stories and styles of various anime to get a deeper analysis of their plots. You’ll also have the chance to design your own characters and develop your own stories!

How to find an Anime Club Coach?

Are you having difficulties finding anime clubs to discuss and promote your favorite anime series? Maybe you are having a hard time getting into the club because of your introverted personality. Well, here is how you can find an anime club coach to help you improve your otaku skills.

Anime clubs are basically where people gather in order to discuss anime, much like book clubs. While doing so, people in the anime club also broaden their knowledge about Japanese culture. Many high schools and universities also have their own anime clubs and organizations in which students can participate in. There are usually no age requirements while entering an anime club, the only requirement is to be interested in the subject.

If you are interested in anime, but not very knowledgeable on the subject, you might need the help of an anime club coach. Anime club coaches are individuals who know much about anime and Japanese culture and are willing to share their knowledge about them. However, these people have also developed skills in teaching and education in order to become a coach who can help people learn more about anime. 

If you are a high school or a university student, you might already have an established anime club in your institution. Just ask around your fellow students, or try asking a school official to find out about the club. If there is not an anime club in your educational institution, you can maybe go the extra mile and start it yourself. If you do not think you are capable of starting your own club, you can seek for anime clubs in your local libraries or seek on the internet for local anime clubs. There are also clubs that gather weekly online to discuss their favorite anime and exchange their knowledge about Japanese culture. If you’re looking for a professional online experience, you can check out Concorde Games’ Anime Club.

Some members of the anime club closest to you may be willing to coach you on anime. But not everyone is fit for coaching as it is a very delicate and time-consuming task. Therefore, you can seek the help of a professional anime club coach who can elevate your knowledge about anime. The chances of finding a professional in your local anime club are slim, which means that you might have to search on the internet to find an anime club coach. Although there are many people on the internet offering anime tutoring, not all of them may be trustworthy. You can apply for anime club coaching and tutoring services offered by professional organizations and educational institutions in order to get the best service out there. Concorde Games offers professional anime club coaching services with a carefully designed curriculum, which aims to improve your anime skills and knowledge of Japanese culture. 

Concorde Games Anime Club Coaching

Concorde Games Anime Club accepts any individuals that show interest in anime and want to improve their skills and knowledge of anime. It consists of a 10-week program, with online gatherings on Discord for 1 hour each week. Experience coaches and tutors of Concorde Games give lectures that are designed accordingly to the aims of the students. An interactive discussion takes place through the chat during the discussion sessions, which allows for a productive exchange of information. There are also anime screenings and analysis sessions during the lectures that help students practice their newly acquired skills in anime. The students will have the chance to create and develop their own anime through instructive workshops. Get ready to do a comparative analysis of your favorite shows to improve your anime skills.

The curriculum of Concorde Games Anime Club offers a deep and thorough study of anime and Japanese culture. Students enrolled in the program will get to learn both general and technical knowledge about anime. The educational course given by Concorde Games is in industry standards and accredited by STEM.org. High-quality learning elements are delicately combined in order to offer the students the best quality education.
Anyone can sign up for Concorde Games Anime Club and anime club coaching. There are no requirements, and individuals from middle school, high school or graduate level can participate in Concorde Games Anime Club. To sign up for Concorde Games Anime Club click here.

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