How To Become an Esports Coach?

Becoming an esports coach is a whole different thing from becoming an esports player. There are many requirementsand qualifications for an esports coach. If you wonder how you can become an esports coach, continue reading this article.


Who is an Esports Coach?

An esports coach guides a team and its players, invents new strategies, and utilizes new gameplay ideas in order to carry his/her team to victory. An esports coach is essential to an esports team and holds a very significant role in the team. A team’s esports coach organizes everything in a team, from building up a roster to educating players. Even though what an esports coach does varies from game to game, he/she generally deals with players. An esports coach also does an in-depth analysis of the game and the opponent teams in order to create the best strategy for the team. He/she also creates suitable schedules for players. These schedules allow for the team to move forward in aplanned manner, enabling for systematic improvement. Therefore, the role of an esports coach is crucial in ateam’s success.


What does an Esports Athlete do for a living

Most esports coaches make their living only from coaching an esports team. Because coaching a team requires alot of effort and time, coaches spend most of their time working with players and by themselves. As they are essential to a team, they can easily make a living as an esports coach. Much like esports players, esports coaches also receive monthly salaries if they are signed under an organization, and also receive a pre-determined share of tournament earnings along with the players of the team and the organization. Some organizations also cover the living costs of coaches and provide accommodation in gaming houses.


What does an Esports Coach do in a day?

An esports coach spends most of his day over seeing the training of the players and developing new strategies for the team. A coach also spends a big portion of his time studying other teams and analyzing previous games, to create tactics to utilize in the upcoming games. If the rules do not prohibit, an esports coach stays with the teamduring the game and strategically leads them. Apart from that, he arranges scrim matches for the team and also creates individual training programs for players. An esports coach also stays in contact with other people in the esports ecosystem, because he is the one to find new players for the team.


How to become an esports coach?

To become an esports coach you have to have a very extensive understanding of the game you want to coach in. You need to have great communication and leadership skills to be able to lead your players to victory. You can start off your esports coaching career by coaching rosters without organizations or applying for amateur teams. Rising in an esports coaching career depends heavily on experience. The more you work in competitive esports as a coach, themore opportunities you will encounter. Teams are looking for very experienced coaches with many achievements. Therefore, try to succeed in events and accumulate a good career history to move further as an esports coach.

You should also work towards building up a network in the esports ecosystem. As most coaches create the rosterof a team, a coach has to be able to get in contact with every player in the competitive scene. An esports coach should also be informed about the current events happening in the ecosystem and act accordingly to these events. As mentioned before, communication is key to having a successful career as an esports coach. Coaches should communicate with everyone in the team, and with people outside the team.

Apart from becoming a part of an organization, you can also coach other players independently as a freelance coach. Aspiring esports athletes can request tutoring from you if you are an experienced coach. One can offer their services directly, or through different websites that help bring coaches and students together, like ConcordeGames.


How much does an Esports Coach make?

The salary of esports coaches varies depending on many conditions like country and competitive level. Most coaches at the professional level make around $5,000 on average. These earnings can significantly go up with achievements in big tournaments and events. As mentioned before, coaches can also earn bonuses from their organization for achievements. It is safe to say that one can easily make a living as an esports coach after reaching a certain competitive level.



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