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brandon concorde games coach
  • In game handle, twitch name, and tiktok username: SSL_Stone
  • I’m a Supersonic Legend who’s been playing since 2015.
  • I post rocket league tips and content on TikTok with 200,000 Followers
  • I stream rocket league daily on Twitch to an average of 100 Viewers
  • I have over a year of rocket league coaching experience
  • I have experience playing with Alpine esports and some other pros such as Chippy from team Wylde
brennan concorde games coach
  • I have been teaching and coaching for 5 years.
  • My favorite academic subjects are physics and philosophy.
  • I play golf, basketball, and write fiction outside of coaching.
bryson concorde games coach
  • IGN: Bryson^G
  • Competed in collegiate Rocket League for 3 years for Clemson University.
  • Participated at a multitude of LAN’s from Dreamhack Atlanta, Charlotte Phoenix LAN, and many other collegiate events.
  • Community Head and Competitive Head for Clemson Esports, managing the many players and teams for every popular esport title. 
  • Achieved the rank of Grand Champion during collegiate competition (peaked around ~1800 MMR) and the experience of playing the top collegiate players in the nation.
dave concorde games coach
  • Epic ID: Coach Jericho
  • Champ 3 in Rocket league
  • 2500 hours in-game
  • Twitch experience
  • Tournament experience
  • State Championship Coach (marching band)
damian concorde games coach
  • Discord: KeepaH #6422
  • Steam: KeepaH
  • Twitter: KeepaH__
  • Twitch: KeepaH__
  • RL Rank: SSL
  • Favorite Hobbies: Soccer, Gaming, Travelling
erik concorde games coach
  • Co-founder, player, and captain of AVID eSports for three years
  • Played in two RLRS Qualifier Grand Finals with AVID eSports
  • Top 20 World in 1v1 for three consecutive seasons in both US-E and EU
  • Top 500 in other game modes from around Season 4 through F2P
  • Player, coach, and manager for Asheville-Buncombe Tech CC for a little over a year
  • Coached one Gold Mine 2 (Johnnyboi_i) player that made it to the knockout rounds
  • Played with and against many RLCS pros since its inception
  • Devoted student and fan of the game of hockey since the age of 3
  • Currently on leave, part way through double majoring in Pure Mathematics and Classics at North Carolina State University
evaristo concorde games coach
  • The University of Kansas Information Systems graduate and Rocket League coach
  • Over a year of coaching experience
  • I am a Grand Champion 3. I Started playing in December 2018.
  • 60k+ on Tik Tok posting educational videos, cinematic edits, and more
  • Discord: NightSkaii#0007
  • NightSkaii on all socials
  • Video Editor (Worked with organizations and other content creators on all platforms)
  • Hobbies: Editing, Soccer, and Jazz
herbert concorde games coach
  • Discord: Coach Herb#0767
  • Biochemistry graduate from the University of Florida with experience in biomedical engineering and data science.
  • Coached trio to 1st place in NECL championship in Fortnite.
  •  Champion I in Rocket League.
  • Coaching Fortnite, Rocket league, and Valorant.
  • Fun Fact: I have traveled to more countries than states.
jamming joey concorde games coach
Jammin Joey
  •  Two-time holder of the Guinness world record for the most goals scored in a Rocket League match.
  • Grand Champion in the Ranks.
  • Esports contender/coach for 4 years.
  • Energetic and positive attitude!
jerry concorde games coach
  • Formal Head Coach of Esports in St. Thomas University
  • Formal Esports Manager for Plynius Inc.
  • Highest rank achieved in League of Legends | Masters (Support Main)
  • Private coach for 3+ years
  • Multiple LAN tournament attendance and traveled around the US for events and tournaments.
  • Top 1% and in game leader of almost every eSports Genre ( Pro 1.6 counter-strike, ESEA-A/FACEIT10/Global Elite csgo, top500 Overwatch, 193rd at CEO Smash Ultimate, Master Sc2, top50 Pubg Solos/Duos, FNCS Semis Qual Trios/Solos Fornite)
  • One of the founding eSports coaches of Concord Educational and i’ve been competing in games for almost 2 decades
  • I was headcoach of my college Fullsail University Overwatch team and had an event where the entire school tried to beat me in Smash Ultimate for prizes
  • Currently a Pro / content creator Naraka: Bladepoint, a battle royal fighting game that’s the 2nd biggest game in China where I stream on twitch.tv/ravenplz
Michael R.
  • IGN Corrupt.
  • Twitter Corruptrl,
  • Twitch rlCorrupt.
  • Started playing Rocket League in 2015.
  • X Top 100 3s player. Placing top 48 in NA Spring Series 2020
  • Coach of many current NA top 100 players.
  • Played baseball and basketball at the collegiate level.
  • Coached baseball from 2016 to 2021.
  • Coaching from grade school to MLB level.
  • Helped many students to get full scholarships to play Esports/Sports in College.
mt concorde games coach
Michael T.
  • Over 4 years and 4,000 hours of coaching experience

  • Placed Top 48 in North America, RLCS X as a Coach

  • History Coaching Players Ranked Top 100 Global

  • Helped Multiple Students Receive Full-ride Collegiate RL Scholarships

  • Grand Champion

Ryan A.
  • GC Season 3
  • Casting/analyzing SSL+ (including pro players)
  • Coached players of all ranks up to GC 1
Ryan N.
  • 1800 MMR 
  • 8000+ hours on Rocket League 
  • Former team captain of SIU Carbondale Rocket League Team
sebastien concorde games coaches
  • Sabby – Rocket League Coach
  • Discord: Sabbycat #2872
  • Steam: Sabbo
  • Rank in RL: Grand Champ 1
  • Fun Fact: Taught myself how to play Guitar, Drums, Ukelele, and Piano
  • Hobbies: Gym, Reading, Valorant, Vlogging 
tavian concorde games coach
  • Gamer, coach, and father.

  • 15+ years working in the gaming industry.

  • Combined experiences as a game developer, life coach, and competitor to help bring out the best in my clients and students.

vito concorde games coach
  • @Chonceyyy
  • Champion I in Rocket League
  • Law student
  • Coaches Rocket League and Madden

How To Get Better At Esports 

You’ve spent hours trying to master your gameplay and gaming strategies. There are many important elements to pay attention to while transitioning from being a casual gamer to a professional esports athlete. If any time you feel like you need a little bit of a helping hand from a professional, you can always rely on esports coaches to help you build your skills.

Once you decide on becoming a professional esports player, you need to start by creating yourself a regular practice schedule. Practicing your video gaming skills regularly is very important in keeping a steady performance. For a professional training schedule, you can rely on a professional esports coach, who will create the most optimal training program suitable for you. Concorde Games can provide you with the appropriate esports coach for you to get better at esports with professional help.

After accumulating replays, you need to go over them and analyze them thoroughly in order to learn from your mistakes and improve your gameplay. You can also analyze professional matches and learn new ways of gameplay from professionals. Most professional esports teams have their own analyst to analyze gameplay for their players. You can also get a professional esports coach to analyze your and other gameplay for you. Concorde Games courses include in-depth analysis by esports coaches to improve your gameplay.

Work-life balance and time management are very important if you want to become a professional esports player. You can rely on the professional esports coach service given by Concorde Games for making you the most suitable program and timetable for you. Your esports coach will handcraft you a program appropriate for your needs and skills.

There are many different options in the gaming peripheral market, each crafted for a unique gaming experience. You need to choose your gaming equipment according to your characteristics and physical properties. A professional esports coach can help you choose the best equipment for you and provide you with insight into how certain equipment can affect your level of gameplay. Your esports coach at Concorde Games can help you select the most suitable gaming equipment to elevate your gaming experience and performance.

Being skilled is one thing, but you also need to display your skill at an amateur competitive level to catch the attention of scouts and esports coaches. Concorde Games esports programs include intra-school competition, external play against other teams within Concorde Education’s network, or playing against teams through an external league such as PlayVS or HSEL.

Besides personal achievement, you’ll need to prove yourself within a team. To do that you have to be qualified at communicating with your teammates in the right way. An esports coach can help you improve your in-team communication, as well as inform you on general esports communication skills.

You can greatly improve your training efficiency by getting help from a professional esports coach. Many esports coaches are retired professional esports players, who have mastered their game of choice. An esports coach can help you improve in many different ways, such as creating a training program and teaching new strategies. You can find esports coaches by searching on the internet, however, it is in your best interest to get the help of a professional esports coach employed by educational services like Concorde Games.

You can only do so much by yourself. But with the help of a professional esports coach, you can leave the planning, strategy, and analyzing part of gaming aside, and focus on the gaming to improve your performance. By working with coaches that have experience in competitive gaming, you can elevate your playstyle to the level of professional esports athletes.

Like many other traditional sports, esports also has educational institutions that help develop your gaming and esports skills. There are many freelance esports coaches and retired professional esports players offering coaching services, though it is in one’s interest to take courses from professional institutions with a carefully crafted curriculum like the one offered by Concorde Games. We offer top-quality education for those who want to elevate their gameplay to the professional level.

The price of hiring an esports coach greatly varies depending on the game, the skill level you want to achieve, and the experience of the coach. There are many coaches, who have competitive experience, offering to tutor aspiring esports players. Concorde Games can assist you in getting the help of an esports coach most suitable for your skill level and professional goals. Concorde Games offers courses given by ex-pro athletes turned coaches and qualified analysts to help you start your professional gaming career.

If you want to enroll in one of the courses offered by Concorde Games, click here.

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