Our Esports Coaches

  • 2 years coaching experience.
  • ADC main in League of Legends 
  • Prior experience in coaching Field Hockey.  
  • Major in Media Studies/Communications at the University of Southern Maine. 
  • Outside of gaming, my hobby is art!
  • In game handle, twitch name, and tiktok username: SSL_Stone
  • I’m a Supersonic Legend who’s been playing since 2015.
  • I post rocket league tips and content on TikTok with 200,000 Followers
  • I stream rocket league daily on Twitch to an average of 100 Viewers
  • I have over a year of rocket league coaching experience
  • I have experience playing with Alpine esports and some other pros such as Chippy from team Wylde
  • I have been teaching and coaching for 5 years.
  • My favorite academic subjects are physics and philosophy.
  • I play golf, basketball, and write fiction outside of coaching.
  • IGN: Bryson^G
  • Competed in collegiate Rocket League for 3 years for Clemson University.
  • Participated at a multitude of LAN’s from Dreamhack Atlanta, Charlotte Phoenix LAN, and many other collegiate events.
  • Community Head and Competitive Head for Clemson Esports, managing the many players and teams for every popular esport title. 
  • Achieved the rank of Grand Champion during collegiate competition (peaked around ~1800 MMR) and the experience of playing the top collegiate players in the nation.
  • Discord: Lentus #5473 
  • Steam: FudgeSupreme
  • Rank in RL: Champ 3
  • Attended League of Legends MSI in 2015.
  • Favorite hobby: Disc golf, Basketball and softball
  • Connor “twoseas” Callahan
  • Captain of Rutgers’ Rocket League B team 2017
  • Rutgers esports officer 2017-2020
  • Champion 3 rank (1344 peak elo/mmr)
  • Season 3 in-game champion level tournament winner
Connor C.
  • Rocket League Coach
  • Epic ID: CoachPizzarino
  • RLCS Season 3 Top 256
  • RLCS Season 4 Top 256
  • Rank: Super Sonic Legend
  • Cool Fact: I am a published author
  • Epic ID: Coach Jericho
  • Champ 3 in Rocket league
  • 2500 hours in-game
  • Twitch experience
  • Tournament experience
  • State Championship Coach (marching band)

Discord: KeepaH #6422

Steam: KeepaH

Twitter: KeepaH__

Twitch: KeepaH__

RL Rank: SSL

Favorite Hobbies: Soccer, Gaming, Travelling

  • The University of Kansas Information Systems graduate and Rocket League coach
  • Over a year of coaching experience
  • I am a Grand Champion 3. I Started playing in December 2018.
  • 60k+ on Tik Tok posting educational videos, cinematic edits, and more
  • Discord: NightSkaii#0007
  • NightSkaii on all socials
  • Video Editor (Worked with organizations and other content creators on all platforms)
  • Hobbies: Editing, Soccer, and Jazz
  • Discord: Coach Herb#0767
  • Biochemistry graduate from the University of Florida with experience in biomedical engineering and data science.
  • Coached trio to 1st place in NECL championship in Fortnite.
  •  Champion I in Rocket League.
  • Coaching Fortnite, Rocket league, and Valorant.
  • Fun Fact: I have traveled to more countries than states.
  • Formal Head Coach of Esports in St. Thomas University
  • Formal Esports Manager for Plynius Inc.
  • Highest rank achieved in League of Legends | Masters (Support Main)
  • Private coach for 3+ years
  • Multiple LAN tournament attendance and traveled around the US for events and tournaments.
  • Discord: Elucidaze#1558
  •  Steam/Epic: Elucidaze
  • Rocket League: Grand Champion
  • League of Legends: Diamond (ADC Main), competed in multiple Riot sponsored UC Berkeley tournaments
  • Overwatch: Diamond 3488 SR, played tank for UC Berkeley Overwatch B team
  • Brawlhalla: Diamond top 200 since season 1, peak rank 1 in 1v1 and 2v2
  •  Hobbies: Badminton, Piano, Rubik’s Cube
  • Sabby – Rocket League Coach
  • Discord: Sabbycat #2872
  • Steam: Sabbo
  • Rank in RL: Grand Champ 1
  • Fun Fact: Taught myself how to play Guitar, Drums, Ukelele, and Piano
  • Hobbies: Gym, Reading, Valorant, Vlogging 
  • Gamer, coach, and father.

  • 15+ years working in the gaming industry.

  • Combined experiences as a game developer, life coach, and competitor to help bring out the best in my clients and students.

  • @Chonceyyy
  • Champion I in Rocket League
  • Law student
  • Coaches Rocket League and Madden

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