How can I find a Madden training coach?

Everybody can play a game casually, but taking gameplay to the next level is a challenging task. If you want to elevate your Madden skills to the next level and partake in the professional arena, you can seek help from a professional Madden training coach, who can help you improve your skills appropriately.


What is Madden?

Madden NFL is an American football video game series published by the famous video game company EA Sports. It has official licenses from NFL to feature real-life teams and players. A new Madden game comes out every year with improved mechanics, graphics, and revised rosters. Even though it is popular mostly in the United States, it has a wide player base all around the world. It is one of the best-selling video game series in the world, with over 130 million sales as of 2018. Many famous people have endorsed Madden and even names like Snoop Dogg play it regularly on live streams.


How to play Madden?

Firstly, you are going to need a copy of the Madden game, preferably the most recent entry in the series in order to stay up-to-date with the game mechanics. Madden games are available both on consoles and on PC. However, most players choose the controller over the keyboard and mouse because it is simply easier to control. Therefore, it would be a plus to have a controller even if you are playing on a PC. Then all you need to do is launch the game and get right to it. There are many different game modes in Madden that you could get lost in, however, we would suggest starting with the easy arcade mode where you can try and learn the basics of the game before jumping on to more complicated game modes like Ultimate Team.


How to play Madden at a professional level?

Madden features online play which allows for individuals to compete against one another. Because of its competitive nature and the popularity of the NFL in the US, Madden has become very popular among professional esports athletes and organizations. Famous esports teams have acquired talented players. There are also many professional tournaments being organized all around the world with huge prize pools. In order to play Madden at a professional level, you need to prove yourself in amateur and local tournaments. These are organized within communities or by professional tournament organizers. If you think what it takes, try your luck in these tournaments, and maybe you will be picked up by an esports team. However, to move a little further you might need the help of a Madden training coach.


What is a Madden training coach?

A Madden training coach is an experienced and talented Madden player who can help you by sharing his knowledge of the game. These coaches can either be professional esports players who have achieved accomplishments in the esports scene, or they can be players who have grasped the technical side of the game to perfection. Getting help from these coaches can elevate your skill to the level of professional esports athletes. They can improve your gameplay by presenting you with a new understanding of the game mechanics. They can also provide you with new tactics to further improve your playstyle. 


How to find a Madden training coach?

The first address to look for a Madden training coach is the internet. There can be many individuals who are willing to coach new or semi-experienced players. Many retired esports players announce that they are giving coaching services on their social media. However, people you find on the internet offering coaching services might not always be trustable, or they might not be professional and consistent in teaching. That is why you should stick to professional educational institutions when you are trying to hire a coaching service. These coaching services offer a reliable connection between the student and the coach. Concorde Games Madden Training Coach offers safe and reliable coaching services for all your Madden training needs.


Concorde Games Madden Training Coach

With an extensive curriculum, Concorde Games Madden Training can help you achieve the skill level you wish to be in. Specialized coaches of Concorde Games help you develop your grasp of the gameplay mechanics with specialized training methods. Your Madden training coach will play with you, against you, and analyze your gameplay with you for the best results. Your special coach will also create a training program and schedule specialized for your needs and availability. With intense and practical training, you will improve in Madden in no time.  

To learn more about Madden training and coaches visit the Concorde Games website.



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