We Have a Deal: Concorde’s Idea Development Course

Concorde education’s business and idea development course offers exciting practice in creative thinking and effective communication skills.

“Communication is your ticket to success, if you pay attention and learn to do it effectively.”

– Theo Gold

Author of “Positive Thinking”

The modern schoolroom looks starkly different from the world outside of it, which is why Concorde Education offers an introduction to exciting courses with advantageous applications. According to the 2012 Princeton Review, business administration and management/commerce are the number one college major in the United States, which is why Concorde is starting early to give students a competitive edge in the future.

The importance of effective communication is pervasive across all sectors and all positions. According to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), employers consistently rank “communications skills” as the most important trait of a mid-level employee, and another recruiter believes that, “everyone coming out of business school seems to have the technological familiarity we require. Soft skills—like communications and people skills—tend to make the difference.” Communication skills are essential regardless of the chosen career path, making it one of the most versatile skills to learn.

Regardless of its evident importance, communication strategies are not consistently taught in schools. In 2001, the public speaking curriculum was removed from the K-12 school system, and another academic noted that although the “importance of these skills is widely recognized, the integration of these skills into the curriculum is not happening, at least not consistently.” Giving students the ability to clarify an argument and defend it effectively is useful in every avenue in their lives. Students who have been exposed to public speaking classes early on will have lower levels of anxiety when speaking in front of an audience as it becomes more routine for them.

In Concorde Education’s business development course, students will generate an idea for a service or product and learn how to market it to a targeted audience. Students will take the role of an entrepreneur and develop a budget, business plan, and marketing campaign to pitch their idea in a Shark Tank-style presentation. This exciting forum aims to engage each individual student, giving them the time, attention, and curriculum to support the development of essential life skills.

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