Concorde Education’s Household Science Course

Concorde Education’s Household Science course shows that science is for everyone, everywhere.

“We should not teach children the sciences, but give them a taste for them”

 – Jean Jaques Rousseau

Concorde Education introduces household science as an interactive course for students to gain access to all varieties of science integrated in the world around them. Our “Concorde Education” method is to allow students to see the world differently, by understanding the science behind everyday activities. We believe that learning can and should happen everywhere. This course begins as young as Kindergarten, to instill early on that education is exciting and fun.

This hands-on science course will allow students to investigate a variety of science topics and fields by conducting simple and safe science experiments using household items and ingredients. The content of these courses is adjusted based on the age and area of interest of the students and can focus on topics such as: Food science focusing on chemistry to understand thermodynamics and chemical changes of food in various cooking methods, and biology which includes dissections of common fruits and vegetables, nutrition, reading food labels as well as math to convert cooking measurements.

Students are engaged by science “Magic” tricks with static electricity, magnets, sleight of hand, optical illusions, and “tricking” the brain, and density experiments with items from around the house. For students excited by Aerodynamics, they will learn various paper airplane techniques.

Concorde Education understands that when students are intimidated by a subject, they tend to avoid it. This project-based, hands-on course remains in line with recent studies that “PBL has a dramatic impact on ESL, special education, and “at-risk” students showing significant growth compared to their peers in a traditional setting.” This course is especially beneficial for students who have struggled in science courses and are often unsure of their abilities to approach any subject. We equip students with the tools to try things on their own, and to take their learning into their own hands.



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