Music Production

Over the years, the music industry has transformed completely. As genres like rap, electronic, and dance reign supreme over the listening public, space has been created for individuals to make their own lane in the business using personal and sometimes, amateurish equipment to produce their own music.

From an educational perspective, the overlap of personal interests and academic benefits when it comes to music production is tenfold. Currently, traditional music classes in schools have been slow to catch up to the modern, digital-centered production methods that are essential to the music creation process.

Digital music production courses should be integrated into the K-12 arts curriculum to provide a necessary revamp to the outdated music programs students currently attend.

Here are some of the things that students will be able to learn in digital music production classes:

Digital Audio Workstations

The most practical tool students will learn from digital music production classes is how to master the software integral to creating music in a programmed format, digital audio workstations (DAW). Students will be able to learn about the basics of music production and use digital audio workstations to record, mix and edit their own creations.

Music Theory

Despite what some opposed to digital music creation might argue, digital music production is not void of traditional music theory education. Although it is computerized, digital music production still draws greatly from music theory concepts. Students will have the chance to learn the necessary fundamentals of music theory while applying them creatively in a digital format.

Business of the Music Industry

The benefits of a digital music production class are not just focused on the creation of the music itself. Just as the music side of the industry has transformed, so has the business end. As streaming has become the premier way to consume music, the business of promoting and distributing music has become another aspect to learn. In digital music production classes, students will be exposed to the business end and will have the chance to learn about the different ways to market themselves and their music to garner attention.

The educational benefits of music production are endless. In digital music production classes, like the one offered by Concorde Education, students will be exposed to a healthy mix of modern and traditional production practices as a framework to start their own journey in the music industry.



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