Let Me Take a Selfie: Concorde’s Social Media Course

Concorde Education’s social media course teaches the history and the technical skills to navigate the online world.

“We get to live in a time that we get to use social media as a tool”

– Gigi Hadid

Social media is central to modern young adult culture, yet there exists very little training and oversight on how kids should engage on the many platforms. Younger children are raised around technology like no other generation, giving them proficiency and adaptability in the fast-paced world of social media. At Concorde Education, we recognize the importance of social media for students and provide a creative and engaging avenue for students to approach their online presence with care, and an understanding of its implications.

For social media apps, such as Tik Tok, kids aged 10-19 account for 25% of the 1 billion active users. This means that young children are the primary users and beneficiaries of Tik Tok. We are educating and helping protect the prime demographic of many platforms. Students as early as 6th grade will learn about the history of social media and examine current trends, creators, and influencers. We focus on responsible social media use as students begin to create their personal online presence. On average, teens are online recreationally almost nine hours a day, therefore it is important that we encourage students to approach these avenues with greater intentionality.

Beyond a student’s personal interests, social media-related jobs are an exciting field for students to market their abilities. CNN’s top 100 careers with big growth include social media marketing, and digital marketing is the fastest growing marketing position by over 30%. The potential earnings through social media are astronomical, with video ad spending alone equaling $24.35 billion.

Social media is an exciting world of interpersonal interaction and human expression, and we at Concorde Education aim to celebrate that. We believe that subjects important to students are subjects that we can provide coaching for. Far too many students explore the online world without guidance, so we aim to give our students the tools to navigate the digital landscape with ease.

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