Concorde Education’s Holistic Health and Medicine Courses

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. ”

Marie Curie

Concorde Education’s health and medicine course introduces project-based learning for essential and difficult subjects. In the age of the pandemic, our lack of knowledge of the world’s diseases and the inner workings of our own health has never been clearer. This is why Concorde Education has introduced this course, not generally available in schools. With an emphasis on both traditional and holistic medication, Concorde introduces an important nuance in the medical field that is important for any student to understand their own health.

The Health and Medicine course introduces the body and its many features, while understanding ailments and treatments. By learning about the body alongside practical applications, students take a more active role in the learning experience. With Virtual Reality technology, students can literally have “hands-on” experiences. Learning through this mode of cutting-edge technology advances the learning experience and allows students to learn like they never have before.

Concorde Education emphasizes the importance of understanding one’s own body and the way that it interacts with the world around it. This is not merely a science course, but a lesson on how to become a healthy individual while developing an understanding of wellness as an essential part of the study. According to the CDC, “Mental disorders can interfere with a child’s healthy development, causing problems that can continue into adulthood.” Our goal is to instill an understanding of health in the many ways it can manifest.

Young students will learn they must take care of their health and mental health. Furthermore, this class introduces students as young as 4th grade to the world of medicine and makes exciting career paths accessible and acheivable.



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