Importance of Coding Classes

The landscape of education has transformed greatly in the past few decades. As traditional teaching approaches have become questioned for their effectiveness, room has been made for more innovative learning experiences in the classroom. The subject at the head of the academic revolution has been coding. An amalgamation of science, technology, engineering, and math (otherwise known as STEM,) coding classes have slowly entered the fray alongside conventional school programs as a mandatory course to enrich students educational experience.

Despite the benefits, the transition has been slow, with many educators struggling to see the advantages, academically and beyond, of such programs. There are a host of benefits that teaching coding to students can bring. While traditional education may not be easily adaptable, the “Concorde Education” method provides the most innovative approaches towards education.

Here are a few advantages for introducing coding in the classroom:

Real World Value

We live in an increasingly automated society, and many aspects of everyday life have adapted accordingly, using coding as a necessary step in completing tasks. Providing a basic coding framework to students at the K-12 level through mandatory courses will undoubtedly help them prepare for the modern world. In a more practical sense, coding also provides students with unmatched job security. Harnessing fundamental coding skills makes students more valuable entry-level employees.

Critical Thinking Skills

Outside of the organizational and collaborative skills students garner, the most essential benefit that learning how to code can bring students is the development of their critical thinking abilities. Coding is an involved process that requires students to push their problem-solving abilities to their most creative limits. Students are encouraged to use coding principles to help break down complex problems building logic skills more effectively than traditional academic courses.

Job Market Preparation

Although there are critiques that teaching coding can only help students secure jobs in the tech industry, learning how to code, even just the fundamentals, will enhance the individual capital of students entering the job markets for all industries. The skills garnered through coding classes can infiltrate every line of work, including creative and exciting industries such as animation and film.

The advantages of coding are wide-reaching and practical. In Concorde Education’s coding and programming courses, students learn coding concepts in an environment that creates the space for these benefits to blossom.



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